Godtear Creator Clash Round-up: Event Results

Hi there, champions!

The electrifying, pulse-pounding Godtear Creator Clash took place last weekend, with eight contestants battling it out to see who's the top dog Abyssal Hound!

But they weren’t just any contestants – we got together some incredible influencers from the tabletop world to go head-to-head on the tabletop in pursuit of godhood and glory! What could be better than that?

The tournament scoring worked according to Godtear rules, with games broken down into five rounds. Players banked victory points for each round they won, so a close loss could still give them a chance of winning the tournament.

And, as you can see, the standard of painting was pretty incredible (not pictured: two contestants, who shall remain unnamed, turned up with unpainted minis… Shame!).

In fact, there was a prize at stake for best painted miniatures! That’s something we’ll cover in another blog.

Miss the stream? Don’t worry – we’ve got you! Here’s the lowdown on what went on:

Round 1

KiriothTV vs Discourse Miniatures (Discourse wins)

Sylvapaints vs Pleasant Kenobi (Pleasant Kenobi wins)

Quipster Nerd vs Blackjack Legacy (Blackjack Legacy wins)

K.Legss vs Hellstorm Elliot (Hellstorm Elliot wins)

As you might expect with eternal glory, and an enormous, metal championship belt, at stake, the first few turns were pretty tentative. Nobody wanted to make a mistake and throw their game away.

Then everyone remembered they were mainly there to have a laugh (despite the cameras rolling), and absolute chaos ensued.

All the bouts were pretty close, with games running right up to the round time limit.

Then, with nerves settled and copious amounts of caffeine and sugar from Sanctuary Gaming’s excellent cafe, the players were ready for Round 2.

Round 2

Pleasant Kenobi vs Discourse Miniatures (Pleasant Kenobi wins)

Blackjack Legacy vs Hellstorm Elliot (Blackjack Legacy wins)

Quipster Nerd vs Sylvapaints (Sylva wins)

K.Legss vs KiriothTV (Kirioth wins)

A lot of these games were much closer than the final scores suggested. What looked like 6-0 whitewashes were actually tightly-matched nail biters, with each turn coming down to a single roll being whiffed, or a slight tactical misstep leading to total disaster.

Anyway, despite the close games throughout the event, three players pulled away from the rest, with Pleasant Kenobi and Blackjack Legacy each winning both their games. Discourse Miniatures rounded out the top players heading into the final round with a win and a narrow loss to Kenobi.

Final Round

Top Table – Pleasant Kenobi vs Blackjack Legacy (Blackjack Legacy wins)

Sylvapaints vs Discourse Miniatures (Discourse wins)

Quipster Nerd vs K.Leggs (Quipster Nerd wins)

KiriothTV vs Hellstorm Elliot (Hellstorm Elliot wins)

So, those fixtures meant the results were as follows:

🎉 Blackjack Legacy wins! 🎉

Discourse Miniatures finished 2nd.

Pleasant Kenobi finished 3rd.

So, to sum up: everyone had a great day, played some brilliant games of Godtear, and went for dinner so the winners could dine out on their success and the losers could lick their wounds! (Not really, everyone had a brilliant time regardless of their results.)

The only thing left was to announce the prizes. As well as eternal glory and the ascent to content creator godhood, Blackjack Legacy won a gold Rangosh trophy, the Godtear Creator Clash champion belt, and the chance to design an alternate sculpt for his favourite Godtear champion!

Keep your eyes on our socials to find out what he went for.

There were also 2nd and 3rd place trophies for Discourse and Kenobi respectively, and participation trophies for everyone!

And (drum roll please), Quipster Nerd won the painting trophy for his incredible minis! We’ll be sharing his paints on our socials soon.

Oh and, if you’re interested in Godtear – our fantastic factionless miniatures skirmish game – check it out now! 

Until next time, champions!