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How to Paint Kobold Miniatures | Epic Encounters

Today, we’re looking at different ways to paint kobold miniatures using the Fire Brand Kobolds from the Epic Encounters set.

Though it’s by no means a requirement, painting your minis is a great way to immerse yourself in the games you play. 

If it’s your first time painting it can be a little daunting but, just like a first level player character, with patience you can achieve some great looking pieces for your next tabletop campaign. 

Of course, it might be a while before we’re actually able to sit around and play together, but with lockdowns around the globe there’s no better time to practice painting. 

You can even pass it off as a mindfulness hobby. Just stick on a podcast or YouTube video and break out the paints.

Speaking of which...

Kobold Painting Tutorial

Our friends at Brushstroke Painting Guides have created this tutorial on how to paint kobold warriors with a greyish skin tone. 

You can find more painting guides on their channel.

Fire Brand Kobold Gallery

Looking for some inspiration for your own kobold tribe? Check out these painted minis!


Kobolds are typically painted in warm tones but this paint job proves there’s always room to experiment. With the cool blue palette used by Rough Rider Miniatures, it’s easy to imagine this kobold tribe settling near a large river or subterranean lake. 


Our Community Manager, Jamie Giblin, decided to keep things traditional with his Fire Brand Kobolds. After all, his tribe inhabits an active volcano, just as they do in Shrine of the Kobold Queen.


Our Project Manager, Matthew Elliott painted his kobolds in a similar theme going for the traditional red Kobold.

So, What Do You Think?

Ready to have a go at painting your own kobold miniatures?

With Shrine of the Kobold Queen you’ll get all the kobold minis your heart desires (plus an awesome roleplaying encounter), and you can combo it with Lair of the Red Dragon to get this epic collection:

  • 4 Fire Brand Kobolds with Spear

  • 4 Fire Brand Kobolds with Bow

  • 2 Fire Brand Kobold Champions

  • 2 Fire Brand Assassins

  • 1 Priest of the Bloody Flame

  • 1 Mother Krangor

  • 4 Ember Rage Fire Snakes

  • 2 Basilisk Handlers

  • 1 Magma Belcher Basilisk

  • 1 Giant. Red. Dragon.

If you do have a go at painting, share your work with #EpicEncountersKobolds. We’d love to see!