How to Play PAC-MAN™: The Card Game

Want to learn how to play PAC-MAN™: The Card Game? Awesome! We’ve got a video guide and step-by-step tutorial that’ll have you hitting those high scores in no time.

If you don’t yet have this arcade classic in your collection, you can pick up a copy of the card game here.

How to Play Tutorial

Join Chynna-Blue for a quick walkthrough of how to set up and play.

The arcade classic ‘PAC-MAN’ has been transported to your tabletop as a fun family card game for 2 to 8 players.

How to win: Just like the arcade game, you’ll need to collect PAC-DOTS and fruit, use power-ups, and avoid the ghosts to win. Beat the other players with the highest score, or be the last player standing after everyone else has been knocked out by ghosts.

The card game has two levels for 2 to 4 players and a bonus level for up to 8 players. Level 1 was designed to introduce you to the game. So, let’s start there.

Set Up

Set up begins by shuffling the deck and placing it within reach of everybody.

If you’re playing with 2 to 4 players, you’ll need the Level 1 deck. 

But if you have 5 players or more, you’ll need to shuffle the Level 1 and Level 2 decks together to create the Bonus Level deck.


The player who does the best impression of PAC-MAN goes first. Then, gameplay goes clockwise, with each player taking a turn. 

When it’s your turn, you have two choices: draw up to 3 cards, or shut down. 

If you choose to draw cards, you’ll draw one card at a time. Take time to look at each card just in case it’s a power up with special rules. 

Once you’ve drawn a card (and checked it!), you can choose whether to draw another card, end your turn, or shut down. Remember: you can only draw up to 3 cards during your turn

Ending your turn means you can go again when play comes back around. But if you choose to shut down, you’ll take no more turns for the rest of the game. 

The choice you make will probably depend on what cards you have in your hand. So, let’s take a look at those cards.

Card Types

PAC-DOT and fruit cards are worth points, so you’ll want to collect as many of these as you can! If you draw one, keep it secret and put it into your hand.


Ghost cards are not worth points and, just, like in the arcade game, they’re best avoided. In fact, if you ever have 3 ghosts in your hand, you’re knocked out of the game! If you draw one, keep it secret and put it into your hand.

Top tip: Blinky is worth 2 ghosts, so watch out!

Power up cards have special rules that can help you win the game. If you draw a power up card, place it face up in front of you and do what it says.

Power ups can only be used against players who are still in the game. If a player has shut down or been knocked out by ghosts, a power up can’t affect them.

Who Wins?

When all players have either been knocked out by ghosts or chosen to shut down, the game ends. There are two ways to win:

The first is Ghost Knockout: If everyone else has been knocked out by ghosts but you haven’t, you win!

The second is Highest Score: If two players (or more) chose to shut down, when the game ends, all shut down players reveal their cards. Then, it’s time to add up points to get the scores!

Each shut down player adds up the points value of the fruit and PAC-DOT cards in their hand. The player with the most points has the highest score, and is the winner!

Level Up!

Did you have fun? Awesome! You’re ready for Level 2. The Level 2 deck has more ghosts and stronger power ups, and all the same rules apply.

Remember, for big games of 5 to 8 players, combine the Level 1 and Level 2 decks to make the Bonus Level deck.

And that’s everything you need to know to play PAC-MAN™: The Card Game!

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