Epic Encounters Local Legends

Introducing Epic Encounters: Local Legends!

Calling all roleplayers!

Are your beholders banished and krakens conquered?

Then fill yourself a flagon of ale, adventurer, before you embark on a brand new series of characterful RPG quests – Epic Encounters: Local Legends!

Every tavern has a story to tell – from hay-strewn country inns to bustling harbourside beer parlours.

Expanding on our DM-friendly, out-of-the-box RPG range, Epic Encounters: Local Legends, coming to Kickstarter on June 28, gives you EVERYTHING you need to explore a variety of incredible 5e-compatible taverns, each with their own unique lore and epic encounters.

Back the Kickstarter campaign when it goes live to get your hands on any exclusives, a chance to have your input into the game and to get a collective look at all the taverns in their glory.

Each tavern is PACKED with content to be added straight into your roleplaying campaigns:

  • Highly-detailed minis, including the highly detailed  spine-chilling Ghost Pirate 
  • Stunning tavern art
  • Characterful NPC cards with evocative portraits
  • An adventure book full to bursting with lore, story hooks, and tips & tricks to keep your players entertained
  • And More!

What better way to start your adventure than with a mug of ale, roaring fire, good friends, and good cheer!

Keep an eye on the pub noticeboard Follow the Kickstarter now or the Ghost Pirate will haunt your voyages forever... Shiver me timbers!