Epic Encounters

New Epic Encounters Sets! Meet the Flesh Eaters

Enter an underground world where flesh-eating creatures teem in the darkness. Will you live to breathe fresh air again? Pre-order Hive of the Ghoul-kin and Barrow of the Corpse Crawler today!

Today, we’re taking you on a journey into the bowels of the earth. Hope you’re not afraid of the dark…

Containing everything you need to create truly epic roleplaying encounters (hence the name), the Hive of the Ghoul-kin warband box and Barrow of the Corpse Crawler boss box pit you against flesh-eating fiends. 

Slot them into your existing roleplaying campaigns, or combine the two for a delectable series of adventures!

New to Epic Encounters? Find out more here or check out Nerd Immersion’s overview video below:

Made for new and experienced players, every Epic Encounters set features an all-in-one boxed encounter that’s 5e compatible and ready to play as part of a new or existing roleplaying campaign.

Let’s see what Richard August, lead writer for Epic Encounters, has to say about the latest sets:

“The ghouls and the Corpse Crawler take Epic Encounters in a new and, I hope, horrible direction. The art, miniatures, and writing are focused on plunging players into something more approximating a horror film than traditional fantasy fare. There’s body horror, the depraved machinations of warped science, and lots of blood."

“I’m a big fan of the work of HP Lovecraft, so I wanted to make sure there were lots of references to the Mythos contained in the adventures. And there are, but not necessarily the ones people might expect."

“The ghoul-kin are especially horrific, with the hints about their origins and nature being a lot of fun to write as I kept trying to find weird, unpleasant angles to help GMs give their players the creeps (as long as everyone is okay with a creepy game, of course)!"

“The Corpse Crawler is a grotesque creature, capable of destroying a party with a number of pretty disgusting attack moves. I mean, it’s a giant, dead-flesh-eating worm… You didn’t expect ‘nice’, did you? These sets are a great way of mixing up your game, and introducing players to something new, and just a little bit scary!”

Terrifying, thanks Richard!

About Hive of the Ghoul-kin

Listen well, adventurers. It’s time to set the scene:

You may think the leagues of earth beneath your feet are still, with centuries of soil and stone heaped in the dark, but you’d be wrong. Didn’t you ever wonder why so many dead go missing from their graves? True, it’s easier to pretend otherwise. Easier than confronting the roiling mass of slavering ghouls that tunnel into crypts and catacombs, never satisfied. But you can’t pretend forever.

The thefts are getting more frequent, and more noticeable. And now, the living are being taken down into the hive. Of course, they’re not living when they get there. Or in one piece… Do you dare venture into a terrifying subterranean realm to confront the ghoul-kin?

Hive of the Ghoul-kin is a warband encounter that pits you against a horde of ravening ghouls.

It’s playable as a standalone battle but you can also use it as part of a wider campaign.

Glutton for punishment? Use it as the precursor for Barrow of the Corpse Crawler for a deliciously creepy adventure!

As with all our Epic Encounters sets, each box contains everything you need to run a 5e compatible roleplaying campaign.

Hive of the Ghoul-kin includes 15 highly detailed minis, a double-sided game mat, and an adventure book replete with everything needed to transfer your imagination to the tabletop.

About Barrow of the Corpse Crawler

So, you survived the hive. Just. Your clothes are ragged from the lashing ghoulish claws you barely escaped. Just as your ragged breaths return to normal, and your heart ceases its frantic thudding, you hear a deafening rumble. Clods of earth fall all around you in the tunnel as you clasp your hands to your eyes.

Out of the blackness comes an enormous churning maw, fit to swallow a village.

A Corpse Crawler!

As with all Epic Encounters boss boxes, Barrow of the Corpse Crawler contains a truly monstrous miniature! The colossal Corpse Crawler mini is sure to hog the limelight in your campaigns.

As usual, you’ll also get a double-sided game mat and an adventure book to help bring your Corpse Crawler campaigns to life on the tabletop.

Can you kill this gluttonous abomination, or will you end up as worm food? Use Barrow of the Corpse Crawler as a standalone encounter or as part of a new or existing RPG campaign! 


Someone needs to destroy these flesh-eating fiends! Someone like you.

Make your next roleplaying session one to remember. With just one box, you can run sessions your friends will be talking about for weeks! 

Or combine Hive of the Ghoul-kin and Barrow of the Corpse Crawler for a truly epic campaign! You could even embed them into an existing RPG campaign to keep the adventures going for days.

Tales of high adventure, danger, and derring do are nigh. Pre-order Hive of the Ghoul-kin and Barrow of the Corpse Crawler now.