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New Release: Goblins & Hydra | Epic Encounters

Who needs a summer holiday when you can visit a fetid swamp instead? 

At least, that’s where the latest Epic Encounters release will take you—to a treetop village filled with giggling goblins, where the rotting ground vegetation gives rise to rumours of a many-headed beast.(And probably a bad smell, too.)

Available now, Village of the Goblin Chief (warband box) and Swamp of the Hydra (boss box) work as standalone encounters, as a one-shot adventure, or as part of an existing campaign.

And remember, all Epic Encounters boxes are fifth edition compatible. 

Now, let’s check out the sets:

Village of the Goblin Chief

Treetop goblins are meddling in magics beyond their control and now the very fabric of reality is at risk. 

Their wild magic has corrupted the forest and created the perfect Hydra lair! 

(Goblins. They never learn, do they?)

Check out this exclusive first look at the story and juicy plot hooks for Game Masters...



Swamp of the Hydra

Like the previous Epic Encounters releases, we’ve got a warband box and a boss box. 

We just met the goblin warband. Now prepare for the boss:

The Gargantuan Blooming Hydra!

This imposing ‘miniature’ measures 4.5” tall and comes with several heads ready to smash, bite, and drag players to their doom.

(Seriously, calling this thing a ‘miniature’ feels misleading.)

But how does it play?

Well, once again, Steamforged writer Richard August has set the scene for an epic encounter. Both you and the Hydra can use the battleground to your advantage, making for a true test of tactical ability.

It’s a bit of an unfair test, given the Hydra has more heads and therefore more brains. But we believe in you.

Maybe you could hide among the bones of the Hydra’s last meal to gain a bonus to your AC? 

Or perhaps, if you damage the Hydra enough, you’ll attract the attention of the bloodworms that will attack it for you?

Be careful, though. You and the Hydra are standing in the same swamp. And you’re on its turf. If there’s a battlefield feature to be taken advantage of, you can bet the reptilian horror knows how to use it, too...



So, What Do You Think?

Ready to take on the Goblin Chief and the Hydra? 

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