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This Month, We're All About Roleplaying Games | SFG RPG Community

It’s cold. It’s wet. It's far too 'peopley' outside.

So, to cheer ourselves up, we’re making December all about roleplaying games!


Because winter is the best time to gather the people you like somewhere warm and go on an epic adventure, without actually needing to leave your comfy chair.

We get that GMing a roleplaying game can be daunting if you’ve never done it before. It’s also a dangerous hobby to get into, because it might cause a serious dice addiction. But, we’re in it, so we’re taking all of you down with us. How? 

Well, first off, we’ve made a shiny new group on Facebook where the roleplaying inclined can gather. Whether you’re an aficionado or just a bit GM curious, you’re welcome to come hang out with us to talk RPG’s.

Second, we’ve made it easier for you to give RPG’s a go by bundling some boxes and knocking off some gold pieces.

These aren’t Christmas only, or a different offer every day for 12 days. (Because, frankly, who’s got the time to faff about with that?) They’re all there now, and they’ll be up for the whole of December. 

We might even forget to take them down at the end. Let’s see how New Year’s Eve goes. 

ANYWAY, if you’re new to RPG’s, or looking to save time, Epic Encounters are our recipes-in-a-box for…well, epic roleplaying encounters. 

Frost Giant believes all Epic Encounters are epic, but his is the best 

If you’ve got younger players you need to indoctrinate, Animal Adventures is your gateway.

If you’re slightly sadistic but still want your players to have a good time, there’s always DARK SOULS: The Roleplaying Game.

And that’s not even everything, but we don’t want to make this post longer than it already is.

So! To cut a long story short: 

Play RPG’s, come and talk to us about RPG’s, and don’t go outside. There’s nothing for you there. 

Oh, and join the RPG Facebook group. If you want to. We'll be there either way.

Have an EPIC holiday season! (Get it?)

- The Steamforged Team

P.S. Yes, you’re still in time for Christmas shipping. And we’re definitely not judging you for leaving it this late.