The SFG Vault Opens 04.04.23

Over the years, we’ve had tons of community requests to bring back exclusive expansions that are now out-of-print.

Some are from original backers. Some are from people who missed the original Kickstarter. Some are from people who’ve only just discovered the core game.

All are from community members who’d love a second chance to experience the expansion gameplay and complete their collection.

Now, resurrection isn’t something we take lightly. It’s a complex alchemical process that requires careful balance and commissioning a cabal of necromancers, to boot.

(And those guys… well, talk about earthy aromas.)

After all, exclusive content is an important reward for backers — our Forged Heroes — who supported the Kickstarter that helped bring a game to life. The integrity of current and future exclusive content must remain.

So, our in-house druids have pored over star charts and consulted the signs for an answer. One that would allow our communities to flourish with new blood, while paying homage to those who were there the day the first stone was laid.

And, one midwinter day, an omen — or indeed, the answer, for those of a more sober disposition — revealed itself: The Vault.

Introducing the SFG Vault

On April 4 at 19:00 GMT, the Vault will open for the first time, and will remain open only until 23:59 GMT on April 28.

Inside will be a small number of out-of-print expansions from Kickstarters that took place several years ago — for the DARK SOULS™, Horizon Zero Dawn™, and Resident Evil 2 board games — that are now in high community demand.

The expansions will be pre-order only and will be printed based on order numbers.

The Vault will remain open only for a short time, directly on And once the Vault closes, it’s closed.

Contents of the Vault will be revealed in community spaces over the next 7 days (Discord, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

Should you wish to receive updates, you need only click the button below…