ACCESS GRANTED - The SFG Vault is Now Open! 🟢

Take heed, Forged Heroes:

The SFG Vault has finally opened and will remain open for a limited time only.

Step inside now to pre-order out-of-print and limited edition exclusives for the DARK SOULS™, Horizon Zero Dawn™, and Resident Evil 2 board games.

Once the Vault closes, it’s closed.

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Four Kings Expansion (Vault Exclusive)


As well as the out-of-print expansions, we’ve added discounted bundles for new and existing players! 

Existing Players - Vault Bundles

Created for existing players who already own the core game, these bundles include all the Vault exclusives for each IP at a discount. 

The DARK SOULS Vault bundle includes the Four Kings Expansion, Guardian Dragon Expansion, and the Old Iron King Expansion for just $199 (13% discount).

The Horizon Zero Dawn Vault bundle includes the Heart of the Nora Expansion and the Kickstarter Exclusives Expansion for just $110 (15% discount).

To access the bundle discount, simply add all the Vault exclusives for a specific game* to your cart, then enter the secret code at checkout to activate your discount. 

*Whispers* Now, here are the codes. For DARK SOULS, it’s TVDS. For Horizon Zero Dawn, it’s TVHZD. We’d suggest you take note before this message self-destructs… 

To see all the exclusives and add them to your cart so you can get the bundle discount, click here: DARK SOULS, Horizon Zero Dawn

New Players - Ultimate Bundles

Created for new players who don’t yet own the core game, the ultimate bundles include all Vault exclusives for the IP, plus the core game(s) and selected expansions at a special discount.

(There’s a reason they’re called ‘ultimate!’)

The DARK SOULS ultimate bundle includes all three Vault exclusives — Four Kings, Guardian Dragon, and Old Iron King Expansions — and the two new Painted World of Ariamis and Tomb of Giants core sets for just $374.92 (a 16% discount).

The Horizon Zero Dawn ultimate bundle includes both Vault exclusives — Heart of the Nora and the Kickstarter Exclusive Expansion — Horizon Zero Dawn: The Core Game, the Soldiers of the Sun Expansion, the Forge & Hammer Expansion, the Lawless Badlands Expansion, and the Sacred Land Expansion for just $394.81 (a 22% discount).

The Resident Evil 2 ultimate bundle includes the Green Giant Alligator Vault exclusive, the limited edition Sherry Birkin set, the Resident Evil 2 board game core box, the B-Files Expansion, the Kickstarter Exclusive Sculpts Expansion, and the Survival Horror Expansion for just $250.05 (21% discount). 

To access an ultimate bundle discount, just add all the items included in that bundle to your cart, then enter the secret code at checkout to activate your discount.

*Whispers* Okay, here are the codes. Hope you’re listening, because we’re only going to say this once. The code for DARK SOULS is TVDSUB. For Horizon Zero Dawn, it’s TVHZDUB. For Resident Evil 2, it’s TVRE2UB. 

To check out what's included in each bundle and add the items to your cart, click here: DARK SOULS, Horizon Zero Dawn, Resident Evil 2 

The clock is ticking, heroes. 

Green Giant Alligator Expansion (Vault Exclusive)