Steamforged Games Acquires Kinghill IP


Steamforged Games, leading UK tabletop games developer and publisher (Elden Ring: The Board Game, Monster Hunter World: The Board Game, DARK SOULS: The Board Game, Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game, Godtear, Bardsung, Epic Encounters, and more) announce acquisition of the Kinghill IP and board game.

Kinghill, rated 8.5 on BoardGameGeek, fuses the strategy of a worker placement game with the drama and tension of a deck-building card battler to create a fantasy game like no other. The game is set in a world where two rival kingdoms are locked in a deadly battle for survival, and to claim ownership of the moonstones, sources of incredible power. The game ran on Kickstarter from October through to November in 2021 and is the brainchild of Petr Marek and Czech studio Violet Dragon. 

Rich Loxam, Steamforged CEO, said: “I had followed the initial Kinghill Kickstarter campaign and was incredibly impressed with the game concept and beautifully designed components. When it became clear there was an opportunity to acquire the IP we leapt at the chance to take it under the Steamforged Games umbrella. We want to take Kinghill to a wider audience and share what we love about the game and get people playing. We have some really exciting plans to develop the game for the future and can’t wait to continue working with Petr and Violet Dragon.”.

Petr Marek, Kinghill creator, added “I am really excited that Kinghill will be part of the Steamforged Games portfolio and have a life beyond the initial Kickstarter. Kinghill was a labour of love so it is massively rewarding to see it in safe hands. I’ve long been an admirer of their work and can’t wait to see how they apply their unique thinking and creativity to an already exciting game.”.

Kinghill Box Art

By acquiring the Kinghill IP, Steamforged Games is able to use their significant experience in successfully crowdfunding, publishing, and delivering tabletop games to fully launch the title to a wider audience. In the last 12 months Steamforged Games has acquired the Euthia and Rivet Wars IP’s, demonstrating the business’s ability to spot exciting opportunities that offer scope for creative product development. Steamforged Games intends to develop the Kinghill title, in conjunction with Violet Dragon, with plans afoot for a variety of expansions, including a four player option. Kinghill is available to purchase from the Steamforged Games website now.

In the game, players are briefed to train their workers, gather valuable resources, and recruit legendary heroes to muster their forces for battle. Then, when the time’s right, take the fight to their opponents castle. Decisions unfold over nine turns to produce a rewarding campaign that can be enjoyed in 90 minutes or less. There’s much for players to learn if they want to succeed, as the tides of battle shift around. They have to adjust tactics accordingly to come out on top, with many possible routes to victory. Some secrets will only be uncovered after multiple playthroughs, with dozens of powerful card interactions, devastating spells, and mighty units awaiting discovery.

Kickstarter fulfilment is due to be completed in early March 2023, with Steamforged Games then offering the remaining copies from the initial Kickstarter production run on its website.

The last 12 months marks an exciting time for Steamforged Games with the addition of the Euthia, Rivet Wars and Kinghill IP’s to the SFG library.

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