Supermassive GenCon 2022 Roundup!

We can’t believe GenCon was 2 whole weeks ago!

It was amazing seeing so many of you there – thanks to everyone who came to visit us, game with us, and even just chat to us. We’ve put together this blog with some of our favourite photos from the event to commemorate what’s probably the biggest event on the tabletop calendar. Enjoy!

We set up shop at Booth 2221 and, as they say, the rest was history! Jokes aside, GenCon was brilliant.

From Hobby Corner to the demos we ran, all our events were a roaring success (including the roars of elation from winners and roars of desolation from losers).

It was brilliant to see such a positive reaction to our games, and even play loads of amazing games from other companies! We’ve got to say, it’s an exciting time for the tabletop industry!

Oh, and we have to do a shout out for Sir Doggo, the magnificent puppet…

All we could talk about on our way home to the UK (well, apart from our US contingent) was how great a time we’d had.

It pains us to pick a best moment, but if we had to choose one, it’s got to be receiving a Best Production Value Silver ENNIE Award for Bardsung! We’re incredibly proud of Bardsung and its massive, glorious box crammed full of minis, and it’s super rewarding to have that recognised with a prestigious ENNIE.

If you came to see us, you’ll probably have seen the Cabinet of Awesomeness. As the name implies, this was crammed full of glorious minis, including exclusive worldwide previews of Adventures & Academia: First Class, DARK SOULS™: The Board Game, Tomb of the Giants, and loads of other incredible, painted minis.

Did any of you get any cool pictures at our stand? Let us know if so, we’d love to see them.

Until next year everyone!