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Switch Axe Hunter | Journal #16 | Monster Hunter World: The Board Game

Our third Wildspire Waste party member loves to switch things up!

Before we dive into their journal entry, a quick reminder that the campaign launches April 20. Don’t forget to hit ‘Notify Me’ on Kickstarter so you’re there when it goes live.

Switch Axe Hunter 

From the journal of Jamie Perkins, Lead Developer

Fancy a fluid fighting style? Then the switch axe is for you!


When it comes to this hunter, the clue’s in the name. They switch between two fighting styles, making deft, precise attacks with their axe, and inflicting tremendous damage with their sword.

Sounds epic, right? The key is knowing which style to use in what situation.

Special Rule

As we covered in the charge blade hunter’s journal, the Wildspire Waste hunters each have a special rules card. 

The switch axe hunter’s special rule gives them not one, but two attack decks:


Instead of one 20 card attack deck, you get two 10 card decks — one for your axe attacks, and one for your sword attacks. 

When it comes to drawing cards, it’s up to you to decide which deck you draw from. Your hand can include all sword attacks, all axe attacks, or a combination of both.

And if you’re playing a turn that lets you make more than one attack, you can even switch between your sword and axe in the same turn. 

Weapon Upgrades

Just like the Ancient Forest hunters, you’ll start with a unique attack deck based on the switch axe and upgrade options you can craft from bone and ore. The more monster loot you claim, the better your weapon choices become! 


Axe Fighting Style

Switching weapons means switching fighting styles. 

The axe comes with more movement for faster attacks, but the attacks often do less damage. 

Forward Slash is a great example:


All axe cards are agility 2, so they’re awesome for sprinting around the board and dodging monster attacks. 

Like Forward Slash, they also often come with bonus movement, which can help you get in range of the monster ready for your next attack. 

As above, drawing a single damage card is pretty typical of axe attacks, so use these when you’re in need of movement or starting off a new combo. 

Sword Fighting Style

First thing to note:

All sword attacks come with zero agility. So, if this hunter needs to dodge, they’ll be using face down axe attacks to do it.

Second thing to note:

The sword is the switch axe hunter’s BIG damage dealing weapon, which means sword attacks are often combo 1. In short, you’ll need to have played at least one face up attack card before playing a sword attack in order to build up to the big hit.  

Take Element Discharge, for example:


One of the more brutal cards in the sword deck, this attack is a powerful finishing move, which is why it’s combo 3. You’ll need three other face up attack cards on your stamina board before you can play it. 

Manage to play Element Discharge, though, and you’ll deal some serious damage, drawing three damage cards AND dropping a stun token in one hit.

In fact, this attack is so momentous that it’s actually a combo ender. 

Notice the yellow stamina bar that finishes in the middle of the card? 

That means playing this attack ends your combo and your turn, so only play it once you’ve done everything you want to do.

Pro tip: Axe attack cards are great for starting off new combos and getting you into position to deal heavy sword damage.

Tactical Tips

As we said at the start, the key to the switch axe hunter is knowing which attack deck to draw from at any given time.

At the end of their turn, hunters get the chance to discard unwanted cards from their hand and draw back up to five. 

Making this choice is even more important for you than your fellow hunters, and you’ll need to pay close attention to what’s happening on the board when deciding what to discard. 

Once you’ve discarded, you’ll then have to decide how many cards to draw from your axe deck, and how many from your sword deck, too.

Don’t forget to consider your stamina board, either. If you’re already building a combo, perhaps a few sword attacks would be a smart choice, giving you the tools to deal heavy damage.

But if you’re in the firing line and likely to be hit by the next monster attack, high agility axe cards could be your best bet for dodging out of the way!

~ Journal Ends ~

Will You Be Switching Things Up?

Or are the insect glaive and charge blade more your style?

We’ve got one more hunter to go before our party is complete.

Then, we’ll be heading into the Wildspire Waste to hunt some monsters!

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