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Meet the Dwarf Warlock Student | Adventures & Academia

Ever wanted to roleplay a Dwarf Warlock learning how to master their character class at magic school?

How about a Tiefling Cleric-in-training trying to collect as many achievement stickers as they can fit on their shield?

If you’ve ever had such specific yearnings, Adventures & Academia: First Class is for you! It brings magical college characters to your 5e roleplaying games. 

Today, we’re meeting Letha Darkpike, Warlock-in-training. Click here to check out the other characters.

Letha Darkpike, Dwarf Warlock

Painted Warlock miniature for 5e RPG

Secrets are just answers we have forgotten. 

Clan Darkpike, despite the name, has largely closed the book on its past of necromancy and forging the souls of its enemies into weapons. The clan now has a flourishing line of alchemical and ‘mildly’ magical potions, and is often hired to decorate castles and tombs. 

Letha detests the new direction and yearns for the days of magical mysteries and forbidden rituals to uncover the secrets of magic. 

5e Warlock character art

Since arriving at the Academy, Letha doesn’t seem to practice. Anything. She simply studies the book or scroll for twice as long as anyone else, stands up, and just... does it. 

Stitches, her talking staff, always encourages Letha to meet new people and interact with her peers. ‘Minions don’t grow on trees anymore you know,’ they like to remind her. 

Warlock miniature for 5e roleplaying games

So, Want to Learn to be a Warlock?

Letha can be found in the Arcane & Might RPG set HERE.