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What are Epic Encounters Warband Boxes? | Epic Encounters Explained

Epic Encounters – our series of cinematic, out-of-the-box RPG sets – is split into two different types: warband boxes and boss boxes.


The key difference is that warband boxes contain… Well, a warband – an entire battalion of monsters. Boss boxes just contain ingredients for a single boss battle (albeit a huge one!)

This article explains all you need to know about warband boxes and why you should consider them for your next campaign!

(But if you wanna hear about boss boxes, just click here.)

What are Epic Encounters Warband Boxes?

During a tabletop roleplaying game campaign, you’ll often end up battling various monsters on your travels.

These encounters can range from fighting off a couple of stray dogs to waging war against an entire battalion of battle-hardened orcs.

Epic Encounters warband boxes help you – the GM – make these battles memorable, cinematic, and easy-to-run.

Each box is built around a certain enemy type – including ghouls, goblins, Crab Folk, and more! – and includes everything the GM needs to add the warband to your campaign in an exciting way.

Whether you’re a newcomer to RPGs, or the veteran of many campaigns, these sets have an awful lot to offer and will leave your players wanting more!

What do you get in Epic Encounters Warband Boxes?


Our warband boxes contain up to 20 highly detailed minis – with up to 8 unique sculpts – in every box. These represent the various enemy types that make up the warband – typically ranging from ‘grunt-type’ cannon fodder to more serious adversaries—and there’s always some awesome cavalry!

There’s no assembly needed – these minis are ready-to-go as soon as you open the box. But you’re welcome to paint and display them, too!

And this is where we get to pat ourselves on the back. We’re known for our incredible minis at Steamforged Games, and Epic Encounters is no exception.

Adventure Book

This is an absolutely indispensable aid for you GMs out there. It’s got absolutely everything you need to run unforgettable encounters for your players:

  • Lore and background
  • Story hooks and plot ideas
  • Monster stats
  • Tips for building excitement

Here’s an example of what’s inside:


Double-sided Battle Map

Battle maps are useful for plotting your encounters. Not only that, placing your minis on an illustrated map will really help bring the battle to life!

Why choose Epic Encounters Warband Boxes?

There’s lots of reasons to invest in a warband box or two:

They’re great value for money

With up to 20 minis in every box, and all the other goodies besides, $54.95 or less, you won’t find much better bang for your buck with other RPG products.

They’re ready to go straight from the box

No lengthy setup is needed – these encounters are ready to deploy the moment you open the box.

They make life easy for the GM…

With an adventure book crammed with helpful information – including detailed advice on how to structure the encounter – Epic Encounters guarantees an exciting, cinematic episode.

And that makes for happy players!

That’s why RPG fans keep coming back to Epic Encounters – they guarantee a good time for everyone. And that’s why we play, right?

Check out our range of warband boxes here.