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Which Grand Academy House is Right For You? Take This Quiz to Find Out!

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Your attention please, students!

Although you’ve not yet stepped through the vast, oak doors of the Grand Academy, there’s still plenty of preparation you can do. Find out which of the Academy’s noble houses you’ll fit into with this personality quiz:


  1. You get into a scuffle. What weapon do you instinctively reach for?
  • A. Your words. A silver tongue can get you out of many a sticky situation.
  • B. Your fists. You’ve not made it this far in life without learning how to use them to great effect.
  • C. Your wand. A single spell could end this fight in an instant. But which one to choose?
  • D. Self belief. You offer a silent benediction for the fortitude and inner strength to endure and overcome.


  1. Professor Montgomery catches you running in the corridors – something strictly forbidden in the Grand Academy. How do you respond?
  • A. You apologise magnanimously with a subtle bow, and enthusiastically praise Professor Montgomery’s new cloak.
  • B. You challenge why the rule’s there in the first place. Students have barely enough time to make it from class to class as it is!
  • C. You try to think of a loophole from one of the many books on the Grand Academy’s history you’ve read over the years.
  • D. You accept responsibility with dignity and hope he won’t punish you too harshly.


  1. You get a strange piece of homework from one of the Grand Academy’s teachers: to catch one of the cats that roam around the Academy grounds. What’s your strategy?
  • A. You cover your lap in catnip, sit in the sun in the Academy’s courtyard, pull out a pungent sardine, and wait for the cats to come to you.
  • B. You stalk them through the Academy grounds with relentless focus and discipline, with an unwavering self belief that you’ll be skilled enough to catch one eventually.
  • C. You cast a spell of binding on a patch of ground where the cook likes to leave a bowl of cream for the cats.
  • D. You wait patiently in meditation, trusting providence to deliver a cat into your lap in time.


  1. You see someone struggling to stay afloat in a river’s strident current as they’re borne swiftly downstream. How do you react?
  • A. You hail their attention, and explain to them not to swim against the current but to try and swim towards a trailing branch downstream. If they grab that, you might be able to try and pull them out. 
  • B. Trusting in the strength of your arm, you throw down your shield and sword and launch yourself into the water to pull them out.
  • C. You use a frost spell to freeze a small section of the river around them to stop them getting dragged any further downstream.
  • D. You call for help before wading into the river to try and assist the person struggling in any way you can.


  1. Your final exam for an important class is next week. How do you prepare?
  • A. You wrack your brains to decipher any hidden or dual meanings in the scrolls your teacher provided.
  • B. You train on the battlefield for hours while absently considering the subject in question. Your discipline and self-belief should see you through.
  • C. You practically live in the Academy library for the week, spending hour after hour with your nose in various dusty annals of forgotten events to give you the edge over your classmates.
  • D. You know a classmate’s struggling with this subject, so you suggest joint study sessions in the common room to help you both prepare for the exam.

And that marks the end of the quiz! How did you get on?


Mostly As:

Your answers indicate you’ve got a way with words and plenty of wit to boot! You’d probably find yourself most at home with the rogues, bards, and rangers of House Cunning, where the application of knowledge is their main focus.

Mostly Bs: 

Your answers show you rely on the strength of your body and mind, so House Might is the place for you! Inner strength, determination, and discipline are the house’s key virtues, and it’s filled with barbarians, fighters, and monks of all walks of life.

Mostly Cs:

You’ve shown yourself to be quite the wannabe wizard (or warlock, or sorcerer), so House Arcane is your natural home. As you might’ve guessed, this house practises magic in all its forms, and seeks to prove magic can overcome any obstacle!

Mostly Ds:

You’re clearly a person of faith who believes in a higher power (whatever that might be)! And therefore you’ll find House Divine most to your liking. Home to paladins, clerics, and druids, when the adherents of this house pray, something answers.


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