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Your Exclusive First Look at DARK SOULS RPG’s The Tome of Strange Beings

Pre-order The Tome of Strange Beings now to get exclusive early access to the final draft before it goes to print!

You’re sat around a roaring fire with friends, swapping tales from your latest adventure. 

What’s the first thing you tell them about?

All the fearsome monsters you’ve slain, surely!

One of the most memorable things about a roleplaying campaign are your epic battles with the most ferocious of monsters.


That’s why we’ve created the Tome of Strange Beings – a compendium of new monsters and bosses from the DARK SOULS universe to add fire to your next DARK SOULS: The Roleplaying Game campaign.

Today we’ll be explaining why this new collection of DARK SOULS creatures is an unmissable buy for fans of DARK SOULS: The Roleplaying Game and other dark fantasy RPGs.

We would say your party’ll thank you for adding the Tome of Strange Beings to your next adventure. They won’t.

But it’s fair to say they’ll be dying to see these new monsters…


What’s in The Tome of Strange Beings?

The core book for DARK SOULS: The Roleplaying Game contains a bestiary of its own – as well as the full ruleset, a magic system, lore, GM tips, and lots more.

But it doesn’t contain every monster you’ll remember from your video game adventures.

That’s where The Tome of Strange Beings comes in!

  • Expand your choice of fearsome enemies and punishing bosses with 80 new monster entries across 120 stunningly-illustrated pages!

  • Discover fascinating lore and useful stats for every monster

  • All entries are fully 5e-compatible – add these foes into any tabletop roleplaying campaign

  • Put your party to the ultimate test with iconic bosses like Ornstein and Smough, Nito, and even Lord Gwyn himself

  • Relive your journeys in Lordran and Drangleic with familiar monsters from these chapters of DARK SOULS history

  • Contains indispensable GM advice for building encounters and utilising the new monsters to build tension

Peer into this treasure trove of unforgettable monsters yourself with an exclusive sneak peek at two exciting entries…


DARK SOULS Monster Preview: The Bell Gargoyle

Fans of the video games will no doubt recognise these ferocious stone creatures, as they crop up several times to pose a serious threat to your progress!

It’s no different in The Tome of Strange Beings – a battle with the Bell Gargoyles is no laughing matter.

You might even say it’ll leave you… Stony-faced.


With a considerable Strength stat and various punishing melee attacks, the Bell Gargoyle is not to be trifled with.

But it’s nothing compared to this terrible twosome…


DARK SOULS Boss Preview: Ornstein & Smough

Arguably the most notorious boss fight in The DARK SOULS series makes its way to DARK SOULS: The Roleplaying Game.

And it’s double trouble.

Either one of this duo would give players a stern test – be it lightning-quick Ornstein, or the sinister Great Hammer-wielding Smough…

But fighting both at once? It’s the stuff of nightmares.

Let’s take a look at Smough’s entry.


Smough wields his enormous hammer with terrifying efficiency – sufficient to reduce any dawdling Unkindled to smeared remains.

And if you take out Ornstein first in your fight, Smough swells to giant size and refills his now-augmented Position stat… Scary stuff.


Those two entries should give you an idea of the nightmares in store with the Tome of Strange Beings!

But what do Smough and the Bell Gargoyle have in common?

(Aside from being extremely likely to bring up the ‘YOU DIED’ page / screen.)

They’ve both got their own stunning minis available to pre-order now!


That’s right – it’s not just the Tome of Strange Beings on hand to spice up your campaigns.

There’s a whole host of DARK SOULS minis to get your hands on.

  • Dominate the battlefield with high quality minis of iconic DARK SOULS characters, monsters, and bosses
  • 5e-compatible stat cards let you add these minis to any RPG campaign
  • Engage with the DARK SOULS combat system in full
  • Paint your minis to recreate the DARK SOULS universe on your tabletop

From mere Hollow Soldiers to terrifying bosses like the colossal Asylum Demon, these minis will help fully immerse yourself in your journey.

And there’s more on the way. 

Wave 3 – the boss bonanza – is available to pre-order now. Get your hands on these 

  • Cursed Terrain, containing eight Crystal Lizards – a chance for your party to claim valuable treasures
  • Sir Alonne & Smelter Demon, containing the renowned, mysterious swordsman, Sir Alonne and brutish Smelter Demon (75mm base)
  • Titanite & Stone, containing two mini bosses: a Stone Gargoyle and a Titanite Demon (both on 75mm bases)
  • Dancer of the Boreal Valley & Smough, containing two legendary bosses from the franchise (both on 75mm bases)
  • Pre-order Tome of Strange Beings HERE!

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