Cheers to 10 Years! What’s Next for Steamforged?

Can you believe it's been a whole decade of dice rolling, dungeon exploring, and rollercoaster campaigns? We definitely can't, and it's all thanks to you — our fantastic community that's been with us through thick and thin.

As we hit the 10-year mark, we’re kicking things off with a reveal party, and you’re all invited! We’ve just put together a video with some cool announcements that’ll give you a sneak peek into what’s coming up.

Now, this video doesn’t cover everything that’s coming in 2024. We’ve still got quite a few BIG surprises up our sleeves — we have to keep a little mystery, right? But it’s our way of saying a massive ‘thank you’ for being part of our journey, and that we hope you’ll join us for the rest of the ride.

So, grab your favourite snack and let’s dive into what’s next. Your passion, posts, and presence at events and tournaments have shaped Steamforged into what it is today. Here’s to ten years of shared adventures. Let’s make the next ten years even more epic together!

Street Masters: Champion Edition Coming to Kickstarter

Big news on the Street Masters front! We recently welcomed the Street Masters board game to the Steamforged family, and we’re ready to crank things up.

When we acquired Street Masters, there was an outstanding crowdfunding campaign for a new expansion, Tide of the Dragon, still waiting to be delivered on. Even the items that were already published — including the main core game and expansions — have become elusive gems that are tough to get your hands on. 

So, we're shaking things up and taking Street Masters to Kickstarter for a 14-day showdown starting February 21, 2024! Introducing Street Masters: Champion Edition — the definitive version that wraps up all the good stuff from previous campaigns, debuts a brand new expansion titled Lament of the Blood Moon, and provides a way for Tide of the Dragon backers to finally get their hands on what they've been waiting for.

For the full details on Street Masters, the upcoming Champion Edition Kickstarter, and Tide of the Dragon fulfilment, head over to this post.

Get ready for a Street Masters showdown like never before!

Guild Ball Now Available and Free Starter Set

Guild Ball was the game that started Steamforged. So, what could be more fitting for our tenth anniversary than giving it a way to live on in perpetuity?

As of today, we’ve made every official Guild and Minor Guild available to order here on the site. For those new to Guild Ball, we’ve also made the starter set free to download, so you can 3D-print the minis yourself and give the beautiful game a go!

For more info on this and how we’re working with the fantastic folks at the Guild Ball Community Project, check out this post.

New Monsters and Exclusives for Monster Hunter World

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Grab your massive weapons and gather your party, because it’s monster hunting time!

We’re not just celebrating Steamforged’s 10th birthday. We’re also throwing a monster-sized party for the 20th anniversary of Monster Hunter!

How? We’re unleashing not one, not two, but FOUR jaw-dropping, ground-shaking, hunter-crushing monsters on Monster Hunter World: The Board Game. Get ready to face electrifying Kirin, hulking Radobaan, venomous Great Girros, and stunning (pun intended) Tzitzi-Ya-Ku in massive monster battles. 

Those who pre-order will also get access to limited edition items, including a holographic card pack and double-sided neoprene arena featuring the oceanic Coral Highlands and hazardous Rotten Vale. Hunt down more information here!

Godtear Growth, Lore, OP, and More

We know a lot of you are curious what’s next for Godtear. Fear not: Rangosh and the rest are alive, kicking, and still storming the Eternal Glade and Broken Plains to claim those powerful godtears. 

From a release standpoint, we’re really happy with where the game is right now. With 24 champions already in the wild, that’s 2000+ combinations to choose from when building your warband. That’s a lot of possibilities! 

So, this year, the focus is on growing the Godtear community. That means more lore, some organised play support, and new scenarios (including a community beta test or two). 

For those of you who have all the champions already and are itching to add more… 25 is such a nice number, isn’t it?

Euthia: Cruel Frost Coming to Kickstarter

Rounding out the announcements for today, Euthia is returning to Kickstarter!

Our 2022 campaign, Euthia Resurrected, is delivering to backers as we speak and already climbing the BoardGameGeek hotness. It even made waves in the r/boardgames subreddit after someone spent five and a half hours punching. (When we say it’s a big box, we mean it!)

Euthia is Kickstarter exclusive, which means it won’t go to retail. So, we’re giving anyone who missed out another chance to get their hands on the game in the upcoming Kickstarter. And that’s not all. The Diea Games team have been working on a frosty new expansion to delight and disturb backers…

The upcoming expansion for Euthia: Torment of Resurrection, Cruel Frost, unveils the stories of brand new heroes we haven’t yet met, as they attempt to survive the icy landscapes caused by a growing, freezing threat. But all is not lost! New, advanced equipment upgrades will help the heroes withstand the cold. Not only will you find resources tempered by ice magic and gain gems of uncommon powers, but you’ll also test your resilience in frigid new scenarios. Can you rid the land of the ice beasts ruled by the fearsome Spider Queen?

We’ll be sharing more updates on Euthia: Cruel Frost in the coming months. For now, click here to get notified on launch!

That’s NOT All, Folks!

This is just the beginning of our 10-year celebrations. We’ve got more big surprises up our sleeves! So, if you haven’t already, sign up to our newsletter, join us in the Discord, and check our Linktree for whatever other platforms you prefer to get your updates on. You won’t want to miss these!

Once again, a huge thank you from everyone at Steamforged for all your support over the last 10 years. We really couldn’t have done it without you, and we hope to be saying the same in 2034!