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Animal Adventures™: Gullet Cove


Turn the page to a new animal adventure

Animal Adventures is back with an intriguing new campaign setting for any tabletop roleplaying game! Welcome to Gullet Cove, where awakened animals and other creatures live side-by-side in—well, perhaps not harmony, but it's close. Most of the time.








Inside the sourcebook...

The Gullet Cove sourcebook introduces stats and rules for new cat and dog adventurers, new enemies, and 5 immersive adventures for 1st to 5th level characters. It also comes with 8 playable encounter maps and a double-sided overview map of Gullet Cove.

Create your character

Find complete rules for creating your own adorable animal adventurer, including everything from class options to magic items.

Explore Gullet Cove

Dive into a bustling port town of awakened animals and intrigue with this extensive guide to Gullet Cove.

Meet colourful characters

Encounter non-playable characters like the ferocious pirate queen, the no-nonsense tavern keeper with a punch that could fell an ox, and the legendary thief who goes by the name of Quentin Sharp.

Dive into adventure

Experience 5 adventures packed with daring deeds and fearsome foes! Delve into the dark tunnels that snake beneath the Cove, explore the secret Gutterings that weave across the town rooftops, and hunt evildoers through the streets.

You might see strange sights on streets like these.

Gullet Cove is a friendly sort of place, so long as you’ve got a bit of money in your pocket. Just don’t go upsetting any of the Guilds that run the place. Or exploring the sewers. Or venturing up to the old house on the hill.

In fact, maybe it's not so friendly...


It begins with the first page. Start uncovering the secrets of Gullet Cove with the fully illustrated sourcebook.


Go beyond the book

Bring Gullet Cove to life on your tabletop with highly detailed animal and enemy minis. Or play as an intelligent animal in any fantasy campaign. The only limit is your imagination!

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