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Epic Encounters

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Can you survive the Arena and defeat the Tower?

Venture into a crumbling arena of undead gladiatorial combat before climbing a never-ending tower to confront an ancient evil. Discover Arena of the Undead Horde and Tower of the Lich Empress, new to the Epic Encounters RPG collection.

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Epic roleplaying encounters, right out of the box.

Discover incredible minis and thrilling lore with Epic Encounters. Great for new and experienced roleplayers, every set features an all-in-one boxed encounter that's 5E compatible and ready-to-play as part of a new or existing campaign.


It's time to start blowing minds.

With just one box you can run an awesome, cinematic encounter your players will be talking about for weeks.


Incredible minis. Immersive lore.

Inside every set, you'll find up to 20 detailed minis (including up to nine unique sculpts), an adventure book, a double-sided game mat, and tips and tricks for building excitement and suspense.





Available Sets




Huge Bosses

Compatible with the fifth edition of the world's favourite roleplaying game.

Slot any Epic Encounters set into a new or existing campaign.

Understand the boxes


Warband boxes

Each warband box contains a plot-driven adventure with a rich fantasy setting. There, you'll face an epic encounter with a unique boss and their minions! Each set includes up to 20 detailed, pre-assembled minis (with up to nine unique sculpts) an adventure book, and double-sided game mat to bring your story to life. Slot your warband box into an existing campaign, play as a one-shot adventure, or combine with a boss box for a climactic finish!


Boss boxes

Want a BIG challenge? Then grab a boss box! These sets contain standalone set-piece encounters that can be used in any campaign, or as a climactic finale to a warband box. Inside, you'll find a HUGE boss mini (the red dragon has an 11-inch wingspan!) and an adventure book packed with enough prompts, stats, and monster knowledge to set your imagination alight.


Awesome alone. Even better together.

Every Epic Encounters box offers a complete cinematic experience, and they're also designed to work together. Combine compatible sets for a truly epic campaign!

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Ready to turn up the heat?


Burning flame and fever dreams

For a fiery adventure, combine Shrine of the Kobold Queen with Lair of the Red Dragon.

Fire Brand Kobold mounted on Ember Rage Fire Snake-min.png

Defeat the kobolds...

The kobolds believe in a new world born of fire and blood, and will destroy anything in their path to claim it. Face their vicious warriors, seek out their dreaded queen, and prevent their prophecy from coming to pass!

EE-Red-Dragon-Mini-Side.png take on the red dragon

Red dragons are cunning, greedy, and lethal. Use Lair of the Red Dragon to create a flaming finale!

Time to cool down?


Frozen wilds and murderous traps

To embrace the freeze, combine Hall of the Orc King with Caverns of the Frost Giant.


Track down the orcs...

In winter, the Orc King’s followers launch brutal raids before vanishing into the snow. Can you brave the wilderness to track the frost orcs and infiltrate their icy halls?


...and face the frost giant

Frost giants live for the fight. Use Caverns of the Frost Giant to create a chilling final battle!

Turn your RPG up to 11