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Horizon Zero Dawn™: The Board Game


Out now! Seize your chance to set foot in the Sacred Land

Discover a brand new way to hunt five new enemy types

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Earn glory with the Hunters Lodge

In this semi-cooperative board game for 1-4 players, the Hunters Lodge has assigned you a dangerous quarry. You'll need help from your fellow hunters to succeed in taking it down, and your journey won't be easy. Along the way, you'll encounter other foes equally intent on taking you down...

HZD Hunter Cutouts

Select your hunter...

Pockets of civilisation are scattered throughout the world. An unlikely foursome, these fearless hunters have come together from different tribes, each with their own weapons, skills, and fighting style.

…and begin the hunt

Every enemy is an exciting challenge for a brave hunter. You'll face foes as varied and unpredictable as the land. Hunt them for glory, and strip down their bodies for useful materials to use on your journey.

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Play as one of four tribes


Nora Marksman

A flexible all-rounder equipped with a bow and a spear, the Marksman has a mixed combat style. They can attack from range, but also drive a swift spear when an adversary closes in.


Carja Warrior

The Carja Warrior is a fragile damage dealer. What they lack in durability, they make up for with higher damage and interactions with glory, representing the nobility of their tribe.


Oseram Forgesmith

In contrast to the nimble Carja, the Forgesmith is durable and stoic. A melee powerhouse, they’re all about setting opponents on fire and gaining glory for the pleasure.


Banuk Survivor

A determined hunter from the mystic Banuk tribe, the Survivor rewards calculated risks. This resourceful individual can scrap cards to produce powerful effects.

Encounter iconic machines on your tabletop



Small machines designed for reconnaissance. Likely to alert other machines when hunters are around.



One of the weaker machine types. But even weak machines can take down a careless hunter.



Small machine type with dangerous offensive weapons. Proceed with caution.



Small, deer-like machines with powerful horns.



Medium-sized machines that walk like spiders and transport resources in their shells. Significant threat.



Hostile machines created for combat. Highly aggressive.

A semi-cooperative board game set in an immersive world

Horizon Zero Dawn™: The Board Game is semi-cooperative so, whilst you succeed as a group, only the most cunning and skilful hunter can emerge as the winner.

Together, you'll venture into the vibrant wilds of the video game world to hunt the quarry assigned by the Hunters Lodge. Along the way, you'll face different foes, each hunter earning glory based on their actions in the hunt.

If you succeed in taking down your assigned quarry, you'll return to the campfire. There, the glory will be measured, and the true winner named!

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Tiles & Terrain





Make meaningful choices

Hunter Cards.png

Hunter Decks

When you choose your hunter, you'll get a unique set of cards. The hunter's profile card shows their starting resources and their unique trait. Their action deck represents their skills, ammunition, and health. And their equipment cards show the gear the hunter has with them at the start of the game, including weapons and armour.


Tracking Deck

There are many enemies your group could target. Using the tracking deck, the player with the Leader token will select the enemy your group will hunt next. In the beginning, the oldest or most experienced player holds the Leader token. But once you've had your first encounter, it goes to the player who earned the most glory in the previous encounter.


Machine Components

As they are in the video game, machine enemies are made up of components. And, just like the video game, those components can be destroyed. Be strategic about which components you target. Different machine parts give different results, gaining you extra resources or disabling powerful attacks.

Engage in tactical combat

Make meaningful choices at every turn. Will you sneak through tall grass and wait to strike? Wait too long and your prey might move on, resulting in a failed encounter. But attack too soon, and nearby foes may be alerted...

Level up your hunter

To succeed, you'll need to level up your hunter. Gain new skills and upgrade your hunter's equipment by trading resources and torn-off machine components.

Help your allies

Remember: if one hunter dies, everyone fails. The only way to win is for all to succeed.

Play it your way

Horizon Zero Dawn™: The Board Game mirrors the depth and detail of the video game. It's designed to take you deep into Aloy's post-apocalyptic world, and will take some time to play through.

For an immersive experience, embark on a full campaign in a single session. Or, break up your quest into multiple shorter sessions.

This is a game of choices, and the choice is yours.

08 Banuk (8)-min

Experience the dangerous wonder of Horizon Zero Dawn™, reimagined for your tabletop

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