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Ni no Kuni™ II: The Board Game


A fun and cooperative kingdom-building adventure

Inspired by the Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom video game, this colourful board game is fast and fun. Go on quests, defeat monsters, and gather resources to build your kingdom!

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Ding Dong Dell has fallen

Evan Tildrum's kingdom has been taken over by the evil Doloran. Instead of fighting back, Evan has decided to build a bright new kingdom for his people to live in evermore.

King Evan needs you

For now, the kingdom of Evermore is a dream. To make it a reality, you'll need to work together to build it—and defeat the enemies standing in your way!

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Can your kingdom stand against the evil Doloran, or his horned master?

At the start, you'll choose which boss you want to play against: Doloran or The Horned One. Both will try to sabotage you as you build your kingdom. To beat them once and for all, you'll need to win the hearts of your people with a kingdom to be proud of!

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Buildings and Upgrades

Go on quests

If you want to build a great kingdom, you're going to need resources. How do you get those resources? By going on quests, of course!

Defeat monsters

On each quest, you'll come face-to-face with a monster that's guarding the precious resources you're seeking. To get what you came for, you're going to have to fight!

Build your kingdom

Congratulations! You defeated the monster and gathered the resources. Now, use those resources to start building! Choose basic or upgraded buildings and watch your kingdom grow.

Beware of the boss

Monsters aren't the only enemies you'll face. Evil Doloran and his master, the twisted Horned One, don't want to see Evermore succeed. These nasty bosses will do whatever they can to spoil your plans!

You'll need smart choices—and a little luck!

Character Cards.png

Character Cards

As well as varied fighting skills, each character has a unique special rule. Different quests call for different skills, so you'll need to think carefully about which characters (or Higgledies) to send.

Quest Cards.png

Quest Cards

Quest cards tell you how many characters you can send on that quest, and what resources you'll gain if you succeed. Some quests even have their own special rules.

Enemy Cards.png

Enemy Cards

Some monsters have special rules, or extra resources you can gain by defeating them. Failing to defeat monsters won't just lose you resources. Any enemies you don't defeat will help the boss when they try toppling your kingdom at the end of the game!

Kingdom Cards.png

Kingdom Cards

Use resources to buy buildings for your kingdom. Choose wisely, because each building has different effects that can help you win the game.

Create a kingdom to be proud of

For Evermore to stand against your enemy's evil plans, your people must believe in your vision. By working together, you can build a beautiful new home to win them over.

NNK II BG Dragon

Higgledies and heroes, Evermore needs you. Defeat your enemies, work together, and bring the dream of Evermore to life!

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