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Resident Evil™ 2: The Board Game


Nail-biting decisions. Flesh-eating zombies.

Immerse yourself in this cooperative horror board game for 1-4 players. Trapped in the midst of an outbreak, you and your allies must work together to escape Raccoon City...and uncover the truth behind the virus.

RE2BG Enemy Cutout

Face the infected...

The undead crashing through a window. Arms reaching from a hidden place. The blood-curdling howl of a zombie dog. Tread carefully, and fear the unexpected!

...and uncover the truth

Will you play one-off scenarios, or brave a full campaign to find the truth behind the deadly outbreak?

RE2BG Player Characters

Encounter classic enemies



Watch out for the living dead roaming Raccoon City!


Zombie Dogs

If the humanoid zombies don't get you, their canine counterparts might...



Beware the Lickers and their lance-like tongues.



Come face-to-face with a grotesque and powerful product of the G-virus mutation.


William Birkin

Every step you take toward understanding the outbreak will bring you closer to William Birkin. Or, at least, the creature that used to be Birkin...

Cooperate or die—you decide

Whether you play solo or with friends, Resident Evil™ 2: The Board Game is a fully cooperative experience. If even a single character dies, the scenario is lost.

You'll need to work together if you want to survive





Tiles & Terrain


Tokens & Dials



Gameplay you can sink your teeth into


Tension Deck

The tension deck is designed to keep you on edge. Green cards mean there's no immediate threat. Amber cards mean a strange sound or sudden movement, so you'll need to think carefully about your next move. And red cards? Well, those are probably best avoided.



In each scenario, you'll explore video game locations represented by tabletop tiles and terrain elements. But be cautious: who knows what dangers lurk in the dark?


Item Cards

As your characters make their way through Raccoon City, they'll need to scavenge for supplies. From weapons to healing herbs, the items they find may make the difference between a successful escape and certain death.


Enemy Cards

You need to know what you're up against if you want to stand a chance. Lucky for you, enemy cards show how they act, how they attack, and how hard they are to kill.

True to the 1998 video game

Escape the nightmare

To survive, you must complete a series of scenarios. Each success will take you deeper into the horror, but one step closer to escape!

Survive the monsters

Driven by insatiable hunger, zombies hide around every corner. But the undead aren't the only predators stalking the city, and fighting isn't the only way to survive. Sometimes, it's better to run.

Uncover the truth

Terrifying zombies. Horrifying mutations. A city in ruins. Can you discover the truth behind the viral outbreak?

Experience a survival horror classic on the tabletop. Get Resident Evil™ 2: The Board Game now.


Expand your game

Descend further into the Resident Evil™ universe with terrifying new scenarios, bizarre new enemies, and more.

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