Will you link the flame?

  1. 2+ Players
  2. Ages 14+
  3. Infinite hours



Adventurers in Lothric are beset on all sides by unspeakable horrors. 

Those who survive their close-run encounters with hulking knights, deranged Hollows, and twisted creatures of the Abyss with some vestige of sanity intact will need all the help they can get. 

That’s where you come in. 

Support your players through their many trials and tribulations in Dark Souls™: The Roleplaying Game with this 3 panel, matte laminate GM Screen (reaching over 60cm in width when fully unfolded!). Equipped with key rules, reference tables, and other useful aids in an easy-to-reach format, this screen will help you induct players into the punishing but rewarding world of the tabletop Dark Souls™ RPG. The side your players will see is decorated with lavish illustrations from the Dark Souls™ universe. 

This pack also contains a 24 page adventure book, ‘What Remains in the Fire’, an introductory one-shot adventure perfect for new and experienced players. 

Shine a guiding light onto your players’ dark adventures with this indispensable GM aid, playable with your copy of the Dark Souls™: The Roleplaying Game standalone core book, sold separately.

Miniatures compatible with 5th edition and any tabletop roleplaying game

Enrich your campaigns with official DARK SOULS™: The Roleplaying Game miniatures.

Roll your dice beside the bonfire

Experience Dark Souls™ like never before in the complete tabletop roleplaying game of adventure, horror, and tactical combat that's available for pre-order. Discover bespoke character classes, a brand new magic system, and a bestiary teeming with deadly Dark Souls™ creatures...

Claim the soul of your collection

Begin your DARK SOULS™ roleplaying adventure in lavish style with this extremely limited edition hardback core book — available for a short time only. With its 500 gilt-edged pages and sumptuous, leather-effect cover emblazoned with gold-embossed text, any Unkindled seeking the jewel of their roleplaying collection need look no further than this highly collectable keepsake.

Brave the crumbling ruins of Lothric

Powered by fifth-edition rules and enriched with unique Dark Souls™ mechanics, Dark Souls™: The Roleplaying Game draws on the deep lore and award-winning gameplay of the desolate video games to create a unique roleplaying experience.

Inside the hardback core book is everything you need to create gripping roleplaying campaigns set in the sinister Dark Souls™ universe.

In this forbidding land of shadows and flame, hollows, demons, and creatures abound...

Prepare to die, and die again

Every enemy is a challenge. Progress is hard-won. You’ll die many times over. You’ll also rise again with Dark Souls™: The Roleplaying Game’s unique death and rebirth mechanics, based on the video games' famous system that rewards willpower and perseverance.

And that's not all. In this roleplaying game, you can spend your health to change your fate — but be cautious. Using this ability grants you immense power, but also brings you closer to death. And you aren't the only ones who can use it.

So it is, Ash seeketh embers...

Arise, Unkindled one, and play as one of 10 new character classes inspired by the video game. From the Knight to the Deprived, discover a wealth of character creation options including incredible new abilities, sinister new character backgrounds, and more.

Unlikely allies

Unlikely allies

You’re not alone. As well as your fellow roleplayers, a whole host of familiar faces from the video games stand ready to assist you. Engage in jolly cooperation to vanquish your foes!

Powerful magics

Powerful magics

Eviscerate your foes and empower your allies with a brand new magic system, including potent Pyromancies, spellbinding Sorceries, and marvellous Miracles.

Terrifying beasts

Terrifying beasts

Take on a host of formidable foes from the Dark Souls™ universe with the Bestiary, a whole section brimming with deadly enemies just waiting to burst from the pages.

Your characters. Your choices. Your Dark Souls™ story.

Arise from the ashes, Unkindled one. You stand in a world choked by darkness and fallen gods, where monsters seek warm flesh, and the curse of undeath turns even the greatest heroes into something less than human. Now, you must strive to restore the Lords, link the flame, and lift the curse.

Are you prepared to die?

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