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A Deep Dive into The Faraway Sea! | Animal Adventures

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Ahoy, matey! Whether ye be stood on two legs or four, there’s a new adventure on the horizon.

Very soon now – April, in fact – a ship is coming to take you to the Faraway Sea!

But what awaits you there?

A world of intrigue, discovery, and excitement, to be sure!

Unfurl your dog-eared maps and let’s chart our course… You’ll even get some exclusive sneak previews of the campaign book!

What is Animal Adventures?

Before we go sailing off into the unknown, let’s talk about Animal Adventures itself.

You’ve heard of roleplaying games, right? Well, if not, they’re games where you take on the role of a certain character in an agreed setting.

Usually, you’ll become something like an elf in a medieval fantasy setting, or a cyborg in a futuristic sci fi setting…

But Animal Adventures is a bit different! Your characters are awakened animals. Meaning you talk, think, cast spells, and do everything your usual RPG adventurers do. But cuter.

With gorgeous minis, adventure-filled campaign books, and more, Animal Adventures is the perfect entry point for players looking to dip their toes into tabletop RPGs. And players looking for something a bit different from the usual adventures!


Our last Animal Adventures outing explored a different setting: Gullet Cove. This mystery-filled port town had new things to discover down every crooked street!

This time, we’re setting sail for The Faraway Sea.

What is The Faraway Sea?

The Faraway Sea is a new 5E campaign setting sure to intrigue and delight!

This range contains everything you need to bring your adventures to life, from gorgeous animal minis to a 5E-compatible campaign book filled with lore, stats, GM tips, and more!

The story begins with you joining other would-be adventurers in the mysterious town of Flotsam.

But what’s drawing you and the other enterprising animals to The Faraway Sea?

11 mysterious islands filled with discovery and treasure! Each island contains a genius loci – the spirit of the island concentrated within a single object. Find them all to wield incredible power!

Let’s explore each island a little with exclusive previews from the Faraway Sea campaign book…

The Islands of the Faraway Sea


Time is of the essence on Chronologica. Quite literally. The place is organised around the constant ticking of the vast clock, suspended in the heavens above. Formed from the smoke of a dozen massive factories, the phantom clock is visible from every point on the island, its ticks audible in every ear.

This regimented island will suit the purveyors of order and logic amongst you!

This is your chance to explore The Buzzing Bay – a barrier of rotating cogs that surrounds Chronologica’s coast – and The City of Clocks – a smog-filled metropolis of factories and, you guessed it, clocks.

Not to mention get your hands on The Pocket Watch of Magister Tick!

Flicker Island

If you’re hunting around the Faraway Sea for exquisitely crafted furniture or knick knacks—or maybe even a great warm blanket to take to a snow-covered island—you’ll likely hear praises being sung about the artisans from Flicker Island. A picturesque island that comes around occasionally, Flicker Island gets its name from the way light ripples off the woods, seemingly stuck in a pleasing autumnal prism. 

Explore the bungalow-laden boulevards of the villages Twikleton and Glimmer Bay, the colourful Carnelian Woods, and perilous network of Forbidden Caves on Flicker Island.

Bring your craftiest companions – this island is supposedly home to the Crafting Coffer, a chest said to bestow extraordinary talent upon its owner!

The Smoke

On the horizon of the darkening sky is a tower of fire. You can see it from miles around, glowing bright and red as the stars glint into life above it only just visible through the column of smoke that rises from the fire. It’s impossible not to sail towards it; you are moths to a flame, quite literally. The closer you get, the more the fire shapes into tiers upon tiers of buildings climbing up into the sky, a city stacked on top of itself.

Search for the Heart of the Golem – an enormous symbol of The Smoke’s terrifying industry – in this monstrosity of a city!

Your journey will take you from the sprawling Guild Quarter, roaring firepits, and the mysterious Golem Halls.

Island of Cursed Stuff 

A terrible spell has stricken all the denizens of this once- peaceful island. Every creature has been turned into a sentient object! Long ago, the talking kiln was the potter. The innkeeper rattles around and manages their inn as a set of keys.

On the other side of the, um, sentient coin, all the island’s sentient objects have been turned into people. The man who lights the lamps at dusk along the main street lived most of his life as an actual oil lamp. A former knife is now the local butcher.

Everything’s topsy-turvy in this strange place! Explore the Junk Forest, the Living Lake, the Repair Shop, the Graveyard, and the Wandering Fortress – each weirder than the last.

Careful you don’t lose yourself in your quest to find the Island of Cursed Stuff’s suitably odd genius loci – a worn, but reliable, light crossbow named Gertrude. 

Isle of the Sleeper

A god sleeps upon the waters. Rising out of the sea, the island appears to be a humanoid figure, miles and miles long, resting on its back with its arms reaching out in an oval to form a protective harbour. Lush vegetation blankets the island, somehow enhancing the features of the slumbering form rather than totally obscuring them.

What is the mysterious Sleeper? A god? A primordial creature? Perhaps the artifice of some ancient dwarven civilisation?

Lost Sleep Harbour, the Fallen Catacomb of Saint Gurgi, and the Skullmaze may hold some answers – and more besides!

The most steadfast of adventures stand to acquire the Brilliant Heartshards, a glorious shard of powerful crystal. 

The Isle of Twisted Glass 

There are many places that seem impossible in the Faraway Sea. The island before you is one such place. It’s uncertain if it even counts as an island as it floats, impossibly, above the waves, a huge, cratered sphere, planet – like in its appearance, tethered to the world by a single, huge length of chain vanishing into the ocean. The links of the chain dwarf Medium-sized creatures as the shadow of the island looms overhead, but what seems more mind blowing still is the city the perches atop it all – a city of spun glass.

Controlling this magical place is a terrifyingly-powerful object called The Prism. This genius loci is able to stir emotions in its target by refracting light in their direction.

Places of note on this strange island are the Wild Meadows, Crater Lake, and the City of Twisted Glass itself.

Oak Tree Island

A shape on the horizon, jutting up, alone out of the sea all around. It looks like a tree, but it can’t be, can it? The size rivals that of any of the grandest buildings you have come across in your travels, reaching ever higher into the sky. Branches stretch out into a vast canopy, full of fresh leaves of the greenest green. But there’s something hiding in those branches, or several somethings. As you approach, you see the tree holding up an entire village amidst its endless branches and the tell-tale sign of movement in the rustling of the leaves.

What creatures call this enormous tree home? The further up you travel – from the Roots and Trunk all the way to the Upper Canopy and beyond – the more strange beings you’ll see.

Perhaps you’ll even discover The Acorn. It’s not just any acorn – this special nut will grow another island-sized tree for its bearer!

Perfect Summer Isle

Have you ever wanted to go back to those endless summers from your childhood? Or find yourself in a storybook holiday where adventure is around every corner? Steer your boat right, and you might just get your wish. It’s a hard one to find. Even when it appears through the mists of the Faraway Sea, it isn’t always where it should be. But once you come through, you’ll see wide expanses of green fields, white cliffs, and seabirds wheeling overhead. The perfect summer in the most idyllic of countrysides, all made real.

After all that, it’s time to relax on an island of eternal summer! Kick back and relax. It couldn’t possibly be too good to be true, could it?

The only way to tell is to get your hands on the Clock of Now, a magical timepiece holding the island in a bubble of time to relive the best day of summer over and over.

Perhaps someone in Little Toddlington Village or The Forest will be able to help you?

Snow Blast Island 

There’s a lot of sunshine in the Faraway Sea. But once you go island hopping, well... things get very different, very quickly. That’s the case on Snow Blast Island, which, as the name suggests, is a constantly gelid place, where blizzards strike at a moment’s notice, where snow plummets from the sky and renders the environment ever-changing.

I hope you’ve brought a warm coat! It gets frighteningly cold on Snow Blast Island.

But it’s only here you can claim the broken heart of the Frost Queen—a crystal orb of immense power from which an endless winter spills out.

If you’re planning on heading out to the Crystal Wood, the Old Shack, or the Ice Caverns, don’t forget your gloves!

Thunder Quake Island

An island surrounded by storms is no surprising view along the Faraway Sea. However, one that has lighting constantly striking its surface, both night and day, is a special rarity. An island where the lightning is entirely reversed, shooting upwards into the clouds from the waters and land below… that’s a little more than rare. That’s unique. The kind of place you only find in the Faraway Sea.

We’ve had eternal summer and endless winter – now it’s time for an island of neverending storms! One thing’s for sure – you’ll have to pack for all seasons.

You’ll have to visit Sparkinholm, the Lighthouse, and the ThunderQuake Barrier if you’ve any chance of finding the Lantern of the Lost. The light from this powerful artefact is

bright enough to turn night into day, emitting enough light to be considered its own miniature sun.

Whalehome & Gnat’s Peak

Gnat’s Peak is a joke, a barren, insignificant rock in the middle of the ocean. For most sailors, it is no more than a landmark, a checkpoint on the way to a real island, or for those who have crossed the wrong captain, a punishment. With its short beach and a rocky surface that nothing grows, Gnat’s Peak only manages to make most navigator maps by its interesting size alone.

However, Gnat’s Peak has another name, one granted to it by the very few that know its miraculous secret, the beautiful parallel-island that exists beneath the waves, Whalehome.

Now that’s value – two islands in one!

Those who successfully reach Whalehome will find remarkable areas to explore, including the Bay, The Whale-King’s Village, and the Skull of the Ancestor – an ancient relic of the first ever Whale-King.

And the luckiest amongst you might even catch a few bars of the Song of the Whale…

New Faraway Sea Animal Species!

Well, that’s all 11 islands.

(Don’t forget – we’ve barely scratched the surface of them! You’ll have to get your hands on the Faraway Sea campaign book to learn all about this fascinating archipelago.)

But – fascinating though they are – there’s more than islands to discover!

Until now, Animal Adventures has only allowed you to play as cats or dogs. That changes with the Faraway Sea.

Here’s all the new animals we’ve got for you to choose from!

  • Alpaca
  • Albatross
  • Fox
  • Adult goat and baby goat
  • Koala
  • Orangutan
  • Otter
  • Pig
  • Rabbit
  • Red Panda

I can’t wait to see what adventures you’ll get up to when you step into the paws of these stunning creatures.

And it’s not just lore, backgrounds, and stats for these cute creatures… You can get your hands on stunning minis to represent them on the tabletop with the Animals of the Faraway Sea box!

That about wraps up your sneak preview of the weird and wonderful discoveries awaiting you in the Faraway Sea.

Don’t miss the boat – pre-order the Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea range right this second!

Incredible seaborne campaigns await.