A New Champion Emerges! Fenra Q&A

The old gods are dead.

Their crystalline tears – filled with immeasurable power – fall to earth in a divine hail. Many powerful champions compete for these godtears on a hex-based battlefield – with two players assembling a warband of fractious alliances to go head-to-head in pursuit of glory.

The latest champion to join the pack is……

Godtear Champion Fenra Wolf

Fenra, Wolf of the End Times!

But what myths provided the inspiration for her design? And what do Fenra and her pack of Chainless Curs bring to the battlefield?

Godtear’s lead developer, Steve Margetson, is here to tell us more, and give us a sneak peek at some of Fenra’s abilities!

Godtear Fenra Minis

Hey, Steve! First of all, tell us what sparked the idea for Fenra?

Fenra was inspired by the mythical wolf, Fenrir, whose arrival signals Ragnarök – the end of the world – in Norse mythology. This myth parallels Godtear’s lore, where champions becoming gods besets the world with a cataclysm.

The idea of a wolf champion rumoured to be a harbinger of the end of an age provided an evocative starting point for her design and background. From there we started to think about how to develop a pack-hunting wolf for Godtear.

Every day’s a learning day! Next question: what does Fenra bring to Godtear? What makes her special?

Fenra is a Maelstrom champion who hunts enemy followers in a pack whilst bringing extreme speed and mobility to her warband.

Fenra draws her power from surrounding her enemies with followers, and tearing them apart in a rapid flurry of teeth and claws. Then she can move onto her next victim!

Godtear Fenra Wolf Artwork

Lethal! Can you share any tips on how to get the best out of Fenra when playing?

Focus on surrounding and isolating enemy followers with your own, ready for Fenra to rip them to shreds. With their high durability, the Chainless Curs are perfect for keeping enemies pinned in place. You could even supplement them with other durable followers like Rhodri's Household Guard or Sneaky Peet's Sneaky Stabbers.

Finally… Could you share any of her rules?

Yes! As a little sneak peak, let’s have a look at her trait, Pack Alpha:

Godtear Fenra Trait Cars

Pack Alpha is a defining part of Fenra, allowing her to move her warband and followers into position to surround her enemies.

We are super excited for what Fenra will bring to the game and for the future of Godtear! We can’t wait for the community to hear about our plans after Fenra.

Thanks, Steve!

If you want to add Fenra and her lethal pack of Chainless Curs to your warband, she’s available to pre-order now for a late April release.

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Godtear Fenra Miniatures

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