Adepticon 2023 Team Round Up | Godtear Events

Welcome back, Champions

Last week we were at Adepticon having a blast running Godtear events, demo games, and prize supported open play, but most importantly getting some face time with you, our community!

Over the four days of Adepticon we ran a massive 74 demo games involving over 150 new and returning players. These weren’t 15 minute intro games, no, Adepticon attendees wanted to jump straight into full games of Godtear, and we were only happy to oblige!

And that’s just demo games. Attendees of Adepticon also played 106 event and open play games! Including a number of brand new fans 

*shoutout to US Open winner Sam Hill for giving away the new champion sets he won to brand new Godtear fans fresh from their first demo games*

Whether playing a demo, an event, or open play, Adepticon attendees earned whole collections of these brand new champion dashboards and boon & blight tokens:

That’s it from us at Adepticon this year. Keep an eye out for our events at Adepticon 2024 where we’ll return bigger, badder, and better.

Would you like to get your hands on some of these new Godtear accessories? Sign up for our Godtear event at the UK Games Expo here!