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Meet the Koala | Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea

Did you hear? Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea launches July 20 on Kickstarter, bringing brand new animal species with it!

That’s right. For the first time in the Animal Adventures universe, you can create your very own awakened Koala character. 

AA:TFS - Koala Druid

But what does it mean to be an adventuring Koala? Let’s find out...

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Roleplaying as a Koala

You can eat anything and everything. And you do. The best part is you never feel full. 

Some people think you’re far too relaxed; they’re wrong, of course. They’re just far too uptight. The beauty of being a Koala is you know how and where to expend your energy. 

AATFS - Koala Druid

It’s all about moderation. Sure, you can scale that tree pretty quickly if you have to. But why bother scampering up it, when you can take your time, study the whorls in the bark, and maybe discover a new kind of snack you hadn’t thought to try before? 

Koalas aren’t all about the easy life; you use your time to cogitate, to consider the great mysteries of the cosmos, to commune with nature. You watch the shifting of the seasons, the tides, the currents of the breeze, and find the space within it for yourself. 

And you eat. A lot.


Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea sets sail July 20 on Kickstarter. 

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