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Meet the Orangutan | Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea

Did you hear? Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea launches July 20 on Kickstarter, bringing brand new animal species with it!

That’s right. For the first time in the Animal Adventures universe, you can create your very own awakened Orangutan character. 


But what does it mean to be an adventuring Orangutan? Let’s find out...

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Roleplaying an Orangutan

Even before their awakening, rumour had it Orangutans were intelligent enough to talk but wise enough to keep quiet. 

Able to construct tools and nests using only the bare necessities, Orangutans possess a singular ingenuity that rivals that of some humanoids. Raining? Just grab a large leaf!

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After growing up in small family units, Orangutans often prefer solitude — or, indeed, the company of almost any creature other than another Orangutan. 

Is their unwillingness to mingle due to social stigma, a wish to avoid conflict, or merely distaste for the smell or sight of other Orangutans? The awakened Orangutans certainly won’t say. It’s not a topic to be discussed, and they’ll tell you as much if you ask.


Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea sets sail July 20 on Kickstarter. 

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