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So, you’ve heard talk of the Faraway Sea and want to find out what it’s all about. 

Well, as luck would have it, you’re in the right place!

This blog was created for curious types who’d like to sea what’s in store.

We’ve already covered the cats, dogs, and exotic animals that await.

We’ve even taken an early peek at the pledge levels you can expect on Kickstarter.

Now, it’s time to take a closer look at what to expect when you set foot on shore...

What is Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea?

Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea offers Game Masters and 5e players a campaign guide, miniatures, and everything you’ll need to run an island-hopping adventure:

  • New rules options, and 10 new animal species for player character creation.

  • Introducing two new classes: the Watcher and Tinkermage.

  • New monsters, NPCs, and Rivals as well as the mysterious Genius Loci.

  • Explore 11 islands, filled with adventure, danger, and magic!

  • Improved Hex-crawling rules to make your long travels more engaging.

  • Three adventures plunging you into the thrilling world of the Faraway Sea.

  • And we’re including 10 battlemaps and an overworld map too!

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The Faraway Sea Campaign Setting


Ever-Changing Islands

Beyond the limits of Gullet Cove lies the Faraway Sea. Here, the ocean is occluded by mist, hiding a magical maelstrom called the Rift.  

Every few days, or weeks, the Rift unveils a new island. Each one is unique, mysterious, and remains accessible for only a short time before it is drawn back into the Rift. 

skull island 003

Some islands turn up regularly. Others, only once. All are alike in only one way: each contains wonders. These are the genius loci

New Magical Item: Genius Loci

Genius loci embody some mysterious spirit of the island; some essential quality. Each one is a sought-after treasure. 

Not simply for the abilities it can grant the owner, mind, but because stories hold that the adventurers who unite five particular genius loci — though no one knows which — will be granted astonishing power. 

Goblin with Walruses

The islands, and the loci, each possess their own stories, and their own mysteries. What these are, adventurers must find out for themselves. 

Once a genius loci is retrieved, its magic becomes the owner’s. Of course, such power is dangerous. It lures many to the pursuit, including those with agendas best described as dubious.


City of Flotsam

Around the Faraway Sea, a strange community has sprung up: the floating city of Flotsam, a haven for adventurers (and oddballs) of all kinds.

It once had a twin, Jetsam, which mysteriously vanished without a trace several years ago.

AA:TFS Map of Flotsam

Dozens of adventuring crews gather at Flotsam, waiting for the Observatory to reveal details of new islands emerging from the Rift, and racing one another to be first to find the remarkable treasures those islands hide.


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