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Meet the Pig | Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea

Did you hear? Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea launches July 20 on Kickstarter, bringing brand new animal species with it!

That’s right. For the first time in the Animal Adventures universe, you can create your very own awakened Pig character. 

AA:TFS Pig Barbarian

But what does it mean to be an adventuring Pig? Let’s find out...

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Roleplaying a Pig

Smart, curious, playful, and hungry. That just about covers pigs. 

Of course, that’s also covering up what is, in actuality, a diverse species of all sizes and temperaments. Still, these core values tend to cover the pigs who use their awakening as an excuse to go adventuring. 

After all, how else are you going to bring home the bacon? 

Pigs care about their fellows, and when driven to it, they can be the most dangerous of foes. Not all the time, though. Sometimes, they prefer a nap in the sun and a back scratch. Everything in moderation, including physical exertion and heroism. Difficult to use that massive brain if you’re always running around, isn’t it? 

Philosophising takes time, and if you want a snowball in hell’s chance of improving the world, time is what you need!


Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea sets sail July 20 on Kickstarter. 

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