Bardsung Hero Pledge Revealed!


Heroes, we can finally reveal the contents of aptly-named Bardsung Hero Pledge!

For $99, Your Rewards:

  • 66 Miniatures

  • 895 Cards

  • Rulebook

  • Adventure Book

  • 1 Game Mat

  • 10 Dice

  • Tokens

  • 29 Dungeon Tiles

  • 5 Player Dashboards

  • & All Completed Quest Goals...

Our Kickstarter adventure begins 6pm UTC on November 10. Hit 'Notify Me' on Kickstarter to claim your place in the adventuring party!

What is Bardsung?

A cooperative RPG dungeon explorer for 1-5 players, Bardsung is a game of choices as you seek to inspire the bard's songs and live your legend.

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Peek Behind the Dungeon Door...

Our adventure begins soon, heroes.

In preparation, let us take a look at some of the enemies we'll be facing...

The Greater Demon


The Crimson Hook


The King


The Ogre


The Shaman


The Wandering Monsters


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