Bardsung: Legend of the Ancient Forge Releases on April Fool’s Day!

Grab a quill and mark your calendars, because Bardsung: Legend of the Ancient Forge now has a retail release date: April 1! Oh, that Bard does have a sense of humour…

And that’s not all. Because many folks are keen to lay their hands on Bardsung, we’re opening the pre-order on March 28 once the majority of Kickstarter fulfillment is complete.

High demand means we may run out, so sign up to the mailing list now so you can claim your copy when the time comes!

What is Bardsung?

A cooperative dungeon explorer board game for 1-5 players, Bardsung invites you to try your hand at becoming a songworthy hero as you explore a mysterious Ancient Forge.

Inspired by choose-your-own-adventure and dungeon-crawling classics, it combines the best of board and roleplaying games to give you easy access to unforgettable campaigns.

Your journey begins with just one dungeon tile and a pre-set hero character based on a tabletop roleplaying class. Before you know it, a labyrinthine dungeon has unfolded around you, filled with dangerous enemies, challenging puzzles, and valuable treasure!

Because Bardsung is driven by your choices, with multiple endings, evolving card decks, and branching paths, no two campaigns are the same. The custom GameTrayz insert lets you save your progress between sessions, so you can pick up right where you left off.

Although you start with a pre-set hero, the path they take is up to you. Follow their pre-ordained path, or customise them using the classless path system to create your own ability combos and character builds.

We’ll be sharing a guide to the heroes and paths here soon, so keep an eye out for that if you’d like help choosing your first hero. (Or if you want a sneak preview, you can find it now on the Kickstarter.)

What’s in the Box?

The core box contains 150 hours of gameplay and 68 minis, including a gigantic demon on a 120mm base!

Weighing in at 7.5kg, Bardsung: Legend of the Ancient Forge contains:

  • 68 highly detailed plastic miniatures
  • 32 different enemy models
  • 5 unique heroes
  • Over 900 cards
  • Full set of roleplaying dice (10 dice)
  • 20 combinable dungeon tiles
  • Gigantic demon (120mm base)
  • Custom GameTrayz insert
  • Rulebook
  • Adventure book

Available to pre-order from March 28, Bardsung: Legend of the Ancient Forge will retail at £179.99 / $199.95 / €189.95.

To be notified when the pre-order opens, join the mailing list. For trade enquiries, contact