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Bow Hunter | Journal #3 | Monster Hunter World: The Board Game

Thanks to your votes, the bow hunter is next to be revealed! With the great sword hunter, that brings our hunting party up to two.

Before you delve into the bow below, be sure to check out the journal entry on hunter mechanics to get a feel for how these hunters work on the tabletop.


Then take your shot...

The Bow Hunter 

From the journal of Jamie Perkins, Lead Developer

Right place. Right time. Avoiding monster attacks by a hair’s breadth and striking their target with equal precision.


Yes, the bow hunter is a master of range and timing. This smart marksman punishes monsters with a hail of arrows before choosing the right moment to close in for the finishing shot.

Weapon Upgrades


Just like the great sword hunter, you’ll start with a unique attack deck based on your bow and related upgrade options you can craft from bone and ore. The more monster loot you claim, the better your weapon choices become!  

Fighting Style

Picture it. Arrow nocked. Your breathing loud in your ears. Beads of sweat popping out on your forehead as you wait for the perfect angle to let fly.

When you control the bow hunter, judgment and positioning are key. 

You’ve got a variety of deadly ammo coatings and shot types to play with. All you have to do is stay on the move and keep your eyes peeled for where to land them.  

Easy, right?

Let’s look at Charged Shot as an example:


To help you keep your distance, most of the bow hunter’s attacks are range 2 or higher. The increased range gives the bow hunter way more positioning options than most other party members, which you’ll want to keep in mind when you’re assessing the board state to decide your next play.

(After all, this is a cooperative board game.)

Charged Shot can help with your decision-making by offering extra damage when you attack from range 1. 

But the most unique thing about the bow hunter is their ammo coatings. These nasty-but-nice (for you) little surprises dip your arrows in various substances which can modify any damage-based attack in your deck.

I’m talking increased damage, higher likelihood of breaking monster parts, poison, paralysis, elemental damage—you name it!

Take Power Coating, for example: 


You’ll find this handy card in the bow hunter’s starting deck. 

As you can see, it increases both the damage and the monster-part-breaking potential of the next attack card you play. 

Pro (arrow) tip—you could even play multiple Power Coatings to stack the effect on a single attack card. Finishing shot, indeed! 

~ Journal Ends ~

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