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A Closer Look at Web of the Spider Tyrant | Epic Encounters

Any arachnophobes amongst you are strongly advised to look away now. 

You have been warned.

Still here?

Then allow us to set the scene...

A vast web hangs suspended over a yawning, black chasm.

You’ve seen the intricately woven threads that make up a spider’s web before, of course. Usually a web is never more than a sword’s width; a suitable size for an arachnid that dines on small flies and other diminutive creatures.

But this web. This web stretches out before you, tens or even hundreds of times the size of any you’ve seen before. Whatever spun this monstrosity must be truly… giant.

Steamforged - Epic Encounters - 02

Everyone loves spiders, right? The bigger the better, that’s what we say!

And they don’t come much bigger than the Giant Spider, the terrifying boss enemy in Web of the Spider Tyrant.

Fancy ensnaring your roleplaying group in a sticky situation? Web of the Spider Tyrant contains all the ingredients for a skin-crawling 5E giant spider encounter, including an (of course) enormous Giant Spider mini!

But Wait — What’s Epic Encounters?

Epic Encounters are 5E compatible boxed sets made for roleplaying campaigns. Think ‘HelloFresh’ but for roleplaying. 

Every box contains minis, a map, monster stats, background and adventure prompts to slot straight into your campaign. In other words, all the ingredients you need to create an epic roleplaying encounter. (See what we did there?)

Each box can be run as a standalone encounter. If you like the look of Web of the Spider Tyrant, you can play it on its own or as part of an existing campaign.

Whether you want to dive headfirst into a festering swamp or fight in a gladiatorial arena, we’ve got Epic Encounters sets for every occasion. Check them out here.

You can even use multiple sets together as part of a single, truly epic campaign.

Whichever set you choose, expect an unforgettable experience that your roleplayers will be talking about for weeks.

Meet the Giant Spider Miniature

But we know what brought you here. Spiders: revolting, terrifying, but oddly fascinating.

Web of the Spider Tyrant takes you into a lair where there lurks an ancient fear, old as time and twice as deadly. It’s one of the most fearsome and detailed miniatures that we’ve ever made. And we’ve made a lot of miniatures.

Steamforged - Epic Encounters - 07

It’s worth noting that the mini you get in the box is unpainted, but that just gives you all the more reason to break the paintbrushes out and get your creative juices flowing.

You don’t have to copy our paintjob, either. The world is your, erm, spider. Okay, that doesn’t quite work, but you see where we were going with it.  

With an appropriately huge Giant Spider miniature on a 100mm base, a double-sided game mat, and a 5E-compatible adventure book crammed full of Giant Spider stats and story hooks, Web of the Spider Tyrant will have your roleplaying group shivering with fear!

Will you step into spider’s web?

P.S. If you do give painting a go, show off your work on #EpicEncounters. We’d love to see!