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Diablos | Journal #22 | Monster Hunter World: The Board Game

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Fittingly, today's journal entry brings us to the last of the Wildspire Waste monsters. And what a BIG finish it is...


You'll find this Extra EXTRA Large monster (on its 120mm base) in the Wildspire Waste core set, which is included in the Core and All-In Pledge.

Ready to take Diablos by the horns? Then let's GO!


From the journal of Jamie Perkins, Lead Developer

If Rathalos is the final challenge of the Ancient Forest, Diablos is the ultimate test of the Wildspire Waste. Defeat it at the 4-star difficulty level, and you’ll win your campaign!


(Need a reminder about 4-star monsters? Recap with the Rathalos journal.)

It may be the toughest Wildspire Waste monster, but Diablos must be fun at parties. 

Surprise parties, that is. 


Because this menacing, territorial beast loves lurking underground just waiting for its cue — and one loud noise is all it takes for Diablos to lunge from the sand in search of prey!

Ready for a taste of the biggest threat in the Wildspire Waste?

Then put your party poppers away, step lightly, and prepare for a groundbreaking battle...


Famed for leveling its horns at a hunter and charging with deadly intent, Diablos is formidable at worst and downright terrifying at best.

It does have a tendency to disappear beneath the sand, but don’t mistake that for retreat. Oh, no. It’s just looking for a better angle. 

Not that it needs the help. Just check out its assigned quest physiology card:


As you can see, Diablos is the toughest monster in the Wildspire Waste with the stats to match.

Better hope you learned from facing Barroth, because Diablos is also immune to being stunned. Which is surprising, given how often it uses its head.

Speaking of head attacks, you’ll need to be extra careful with your positioning when facing Diablos. 

Usually, when a monster steps onto your node — and pushes you out of the way — there are a few nodes you can jump to. 

But not when you face Diablos. 

Its special rule, Boundless Charge, means when this monster moves onto your node while attacking with its head, you can only retreat in one direction (unless you hit the edge of the arena).

When Diablos has you in its sights and you’re in its path, there’s little you can do to escape its wrath!


With its size and bullish attitude, Diablos doesn’t need poison or fire to crush you into the sand.  

All this monster needs are its head, tail, and a fighting style that wouldn’t seem out of place in a barroom brawl. 

Tactical Tip: While Diablos does serious physical damage and knows how to stun, none of its attacks are elemental. (Unless you count the ELEMENT of surprise!) So, focus on crafting equipment with bonus armour.

Want proof? Behold Long Charge:


Yes, you read that right. That’s 11 damage AND a stun effect. 

That’s the highest damage behaviour card you’ve seen.

Luckily, Long Charge is only dodge 2, so you should be able to get out of the way.

On the other hand, it’s a head attack, which means it’ll trigger Boundless Charge

So if your group happens to be standing in a line, then Diablos is going to scoop you all up and hit everyone at once!

I’ve mentioned a few times now how much Diablos likes to bury underground and surprise you. Check out Right Surface Smash:


Right Surface Smash may be “just” 8 damage compared to Long Charge’s 11, but it’s also harder to avoid at dodge 6 — the highest dodge in the game.

And see those 4 nodes of movement? This monster really loves to charge. 

But don’t get too comfortable. Diablos does have a few rare tail attacks in its arsenal, too:


Think you’re safe standing behind it? You’re wrong.

Just as you get used to the monster charging across the table and bunching unlucky hunters together, out comes Tail Sweep Left.

In this behaviour, Diablos attacks before it moves, hitting all hunters in its rear and left arcs at range 2, AND it stuns you. 

Because Diablos tail attacks are so unpredictable, this behaviour will catch you off guard, leaving just enough time for one hunter to act before the monster strikes again.

Tactical Tip: It’s probably smart to craft some stun-resistant armour before going up against this surprising beast.

~ Journal Ends ~

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