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If you’re really looking to stir up trouble at magic school, this might be the character for you.

5e Fighter Student Character

A 5e-compatible elf Fighter, Vianola Aefir is part of the Adventures & Academia: First Class collection, coming to Kickstarter on November 30. Last one there’s a rotten dragon egg!

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Meet Vianola, Elf Student of the Fighter Class

RPG Fighter Miniature

Class: Fighter

‘Trouble’ is another way of saying you’re right at the wrong time.

Wherever Vianola goes, trouble isn’t far behind. Born into a magical family of oracles and diviners who believe and regularly prove fates are fixed, Vianola has turned her back on both magic and fate.

Painted Fighter Mini

She’s chosen instead to take almost every opportunity to prove there is a different way — her way. Or, as the staff of the Academy would call it, chaos. 

5e Fighter Student Character Art

Since arriving at the Academy, Vianola has developed a well-earned reputation as a troublemaker, meaning she’s often the first suspect when something catches fire or a fight breaks out. 

The same holds true in her classes, where she’ll often shun the accepted wisdom to find her own method of achieving the same result. When motivation grips her, she is deemed unstoppable!

So, What Do You Think?

Will you be causing trouble as Vianola in your next magical school campaign? Or maybe she’ll be a key ally in your adventuring party, when the school’s guard dragon gets loose!

You’ll find Vianola and her friends on Kickstarter from November 30.

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