What’s New With Euthia? Updates, Pledge Levels, & More! | Euthia Resurrected

Hey there, heroes! 

A couple of weeks ago, we announced we’d be partnering with Diea Games to resurrect the Euthia crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

(If you missed the announcement, you can check it out here.)

Now, it’s time to talk about what that means for the game, and the changes we’re working on with Diea so Euthia can live again!

Because there’s a lot to cover, here’s a quick summary of what’s included:

  • Whether we’re changing the gameplay (nope!)
  • What Steamforged is doing for Euthia
  • What is changing and why (product combos, minis, and more)
  • What will be available at Kickstarter (pledge levels and expansions!)
  • What’s in the new Deluxe Expansion
  • Languages
  • Why we think you’re awesome (because you are!)

Let’s start with the biggest question:

Are you changing the gameplay?

Because Euthia is already an incredible game (as you can see from the BoardGameGeek reviews) the gameplay will stay exactly the same

As a reminder, the Kickstarter will include reprints of the now out-of-print Euthia: Torment of Resurrection core game, the Elementals, and the Griffin. The gameplay for those won’t change

We’ll also be resurrecting the brand new Fierce Powers and Crawling Shadows expansion content from the cancelled crowdfunding campaign. Diea will still be designing and developing those expansions, just like they originally planned

What’s Steamforged doing for Euthia, then?

When we heard what happened with Euthia back in May this year, we had to reach out to Diea to see if we could help. We remember what it’s like to have a game you believe in, and be facing the challenges of making it a reality.

After eight years, fifteen tabletop ranges, and eleven successful Kickstarter campaigns — sticking close to expected delivery times and even managing to fulfil early despite the pandemic — we felt we could use our experience to help Diea bring Euthia back to life. 

So, Diea will still be handling all game design and development, while we handle the production and publishing to take Euthia from Kickstarter to your tabletops. 

Oh, wait! There is one small gameplay change:

As a special “thank you” from us and Diea for your support in resurrecting Euthia, anyone who pledges Core or above during the live Kickstarter campaign will get a free hero conversion kit (worth $15) that turns Adraghor the Soul Reaper, a formidable necromancer, into a playable character!

So, what are you changing?

We want to make sure Euthia reaches your door. So that can happen, we needed to make some changes on the production and publishing side, using our experience of successfully bringing board games to life. 

From a production standpoint, the way the cancelled May crowdfunding campaign was structured just wasn’t viable. 

The content was split over too many different products, pledge levels, individual add-ons, and bundles. And the more separate boxes you have, the higher the cost.

Rather than increasing prices to cover the cost of keeping so many variations, we’ve combined products and streamlined the pledge levels instead, without sacrificing any gameplay content. 

Even with the combos and streamlining, Euthia is still a huge game. The sheer size and scope of the core game and expansions means it won’t be viable to take Euthia to retail. 

For that reason, both the reprinted content and brand new expansion content will be Kickstarter exclusive

What will be included in the July Kickstarter, then?

Now the content has been combined and streamlined, Euthia will have just three main products (or ‘SKUs’, to use the backstage jargon). 

Those are:

  • Euthia: Torment of Resurrection core game
  • Euthia: Fierce Powers & Crawling Shadows combo expansion
  • Euthia: Deluxe Expansion

The core game will now combine the original core game, the core game miniatures pack, the Griffin expansion, the Elementals expansion, and the custom dice into one box. 

The combo expansion will now combine the Fierce Powers expansion, the Crawling Shadows expansion, and the Fierce Powers miniatures pack into one box. 

And finally, the Deluxe Expansion will now combine all the deluxe component upgrades into one box (more on this below).

We’re also including two new expansions designed for backers of the original 2020 Kickstarter campaign. With these expansions, those backers can add the content they’re missing to their existing Euthia game, without getting extra things they don’t need.

They are:

  • Elementals Expansion
  • Dragon Tower Expansion

I knew you’d make me buy minis!

We love minis, but we know not everyone does. 

So, before we decided to add the minis into the core game and combo expansion (rather than keeping them as optional add-ons), we looked at the data from both the original 2020 Kickstarter and the cancelled 2022 campaign.

In both cases, most backers chose the options including minis, which made combining them the most sensible option from both a cost and production point of view. 

All standees are still included in the core game and combo expansion. So, if you prefer playing with standees, you can use those instead. 

Any other changes?

Speaking of elementals, we’ve also made a quality upgrade. Instead of solid colour PVC, the new elementals will be made in clear coloured acrylic to help them look truly awesome on the tabletop. 

Here’s a sneak preview:

As explained in the “what’s included” question above, each new reprinted core game will now include a full set of the four original elementals in the new, clear coloured acrylic, and returning backers (or anyone who’d like an extra set) can get them separately in the Elementals Expansion.

We’ve also resculpted the Hydra miniature to give it a bit more bite:

And upgraded the Dwurt die so you’ll no longer need to add stickers to its faces. Instead, the faces will be pre-printed.

There won’t be sundrop miniatures included in this Kickstarter, but there will be a surprise on launch day — follow the Kickstarter now so you don’t miss it.

What’s inside the Deluxe Expansion?

As above, the Deluxe Expansion combines all the deluxe component upgrades into one box. That includes:

  • Full set of card organiser towers
  • Full set of tile organiser towers
  • Dual-layer hero boards for all 8 heroes (including the Necromancer!)
  • Metal coins with coin bag
  • Tile bags
  • Dice bag
  • Standee bag
  • 8 of each plastic tray

Plus the core game and combo expansion will now have vac trays for storage included in their boxes.

The eagle-eyed among you might have noticed some things missing there. Because we’re adding vac trays to the boxes, the deck box is no longer needed. The card sleeves and dice tray have also been removed. These kinds of accessories are all easily available from any good gaming store for anyone who likes to use them. 

(If you backed the original 2020 Kickstarter and are thinking “I already own some of this stuff”, keep reading…)

What are the new pledge levels?

Before, Euthia had seven pledge levels and multiple add-ons. To keep things simple, we’ve slimmed that down to three.

The Core Game Pledge is for brand new backers who just want the reprinted Euthia: Torment of Resurrection core game and all the unlocked stretch goals from the original 2020 Kickstarter. 

Remember, this reprinted core box will have more content than the original Euthia core box, because it includes the Griffin, Elementals, and core game miniatures pack, too!

The Returning Backers Pledge is for returning backers who just want the new gameplay content. This includes the Euthia: Fierce Powers & Crawling Shadows combo expansion, and all the new content we’ll unlock during the Kickstarter. 

Finally, the All-in Pledge is for backers who want the full experience. This pledge includes the reprinted core game with all its additional content, the brand new combo expansion, the Deluxe Expansion, and all the new content we’ll unlock during the Kickstarter.

I backed the original 2020 Kickstarter and already have some of the items in the Deluxe Expansion / I don’t have the Elementals Expansion. 

Alongside the pledge levels, there are two optional add-ons designed purely for returning backers to get the new clear coloured elementals and deluxe upgrades they’re missing, without needing to re-buy things they already own:

  • The Elementals Expansion includes the Elementals gameplay. Because that’s now part of the core game, you don’t need this expansion if you back at the Core or All-in level.
  • The Dragonslayer Towers Expansion (named as a reference to the in-game location where you can upgrade your items) is a slimmed-down version of the Deluxe Expansion that includes only the deluxe upgrades that weren’t part of the original 2020 Kickstarter, such as the dual-layer hero boards and the card storage system.

We decided not to include these expansions in the Returning Backers Pledge to make sure there was a straightforward pledge level where returning backers could simply get the brand new gameplay. 

This way, instead of us introducing multiple pledge levels, returning backers can pledge at the Returning Backer level and then choose the expansion(s) they want or need. 

Will Euthia be available in multiple languages?

Yes, it will!

The core game will be printed in English, French, and German, with Czech, Spanish, and Polish digital files available on our website.

The Fierce Powers & Crawling Shadows combo expansion will be printed in English, French, German, and Czech, with Spanish and Polish digital files available on our website.

Anything else?

We’re genuinely thrilled to be able to bring such an incredible game back to life. Diea did such a fantastic job with the original core game that we believe Euthia deserves to live again, and Fierce Powers & Crawling Shadows deserve a second chance.

We can’t wait to go on this journey with you to resurrect Euthia and return it to glory. You’re all awesome!

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