What’s New With Euthia? Part II: Free Gifts, Production Tweaks & Video Interview!

We’re back with a second Euthia Resurrected update!


After seeing the responses to our last update, we wanted to give some extra details on the minor production tweaks we’re making so Euthia can live again.

(Don’t worry! We’re not making any new changes. Well, unless you count two additional free gifts for returning backers as a change…) 

In case you missed it, our CEO, Rich Loxam, just sat down with BoardGameCo to talk all things Euthia, Steamforged, Kickstarter, and more:

Improving the Metal Coins

The Deluxe Expansion includes a set of metal coins. Before, the ‘2’ and ‘5’ coins were both silver, making it hard to tell them apart on the table.

So, we’re tweaking the colours to make that easier. The ‘1’ will now be oxidised copper, the ‘2’ will be copper, the ‘5’ will be silver, and the ‘20’ will be gold.

Hero, Scenario, and Trade Boards

Instead of die-cut punch boards, the hero boards in the updated Euthia core box and the new Fierce Powers & Crawling Shadows combo expansion will be thick linen card stock

The scenario and trade boards in the core box will also be printed on thick linen card stock, with a redesign to combine these into a single board. 

As well as reducing weight, combining the scenario and trade boards into one will reduce Euthia’s footprint on your tabletop, giving you more space to play. Diea are working on the new combo board design, and we look forward to sharing it with you!

(The hero boards will still have the same size and design.) 

This one small material change has eliminated 10+ die cut sheets of weight (almost 1kg!), which makes a big difference for production and shipping. 

If you still prefer thicker boards, we’re including 8 dual-layer hero boards (including one for the necromancer!) in the Deluxe and Dragonslayer Towers Expansions.

For returning backers who want the new combined scenario and trade board, read on… 

We Heard You 

Because the combined scenario / trade board and printed Dwurt die are part of the core box components, they’re already included in the Core Game and All-in Pledges, but not the Returning Backer Pledge. 

That meant there was no way for returning backers to get them without buying the entire core box again. So, we’ve added the combo board and printed Dwurt die as free gifts for returning backers.

Here’s how it works:

  • If you pledge at the Core Game, Returning Backer, or All-in level during the live Kickstarter campaign, you’ll get the free necromancer hero kit!
  • If you pledge at the Returning Backer level during the live Kickstarter campaign, you’ll also get the free Dwurt die and the combined scenario / trade board added to your pledge for free!

That way, new backers get the combo board and printed die whichever pledge level they choose, and returning backers can get them at any pledge level, too.

Manufacturer & Supplier

We’ll be using the same supplier and manufacturer Diea used for the original campaign, so colours and component quality will be consistent across the original core game, reprinted core game, and new expansions. 

Kickstarter Launching Soon!

Even with these production tweaks, it won’t be viable to take Euthia to retail. Those boxes would take up a shelf by themselves!

So, just a quick reminder that the Euthia core game, Fierce Powers & Crawling Shadows combo expansion, and everything else, will be Kickstarter exclusive.

The Kickstarter launches July 26 at 18:00 UTC / 13:00 CT. Follow now to be there when the game comes back to life!