Horizon Zero Dawn

Live Now! Fireclaw Expansion Pre-order (SFG Exclusive) | Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game

The hunt you’ve been waiting for is finally here.

There are many machines wandering the wilderness that pose a deadly threat to humankind.

The mighty Thunderjaw, that can obliterate foes with a single sweep of its tail. And the soaring Stormbird, able to swoop down and take out an unwary hunter from on high.

But there’s only one machine that was designed to turn the hunters… into the hunted. 

The Fireclaw.


Yes, this anti-human hunter-killer machine is now available to pre-order from the Steamforged store. 

Found in the Frozen Wilds, the bear-like Fireclaw has incredible power and predatory instinct. Like in the video game, this enormous enemy is tough, aggressive, and relentless, launching attacks from two legs and four.

This expansion contains an imposing Fireclaw miniature on an 80mm base, a Fireclaw board, a rulebook, and all the bear necessities (sorry) to hunt the Fireclaw in your next Horizon Zero Dawn™: The Board Game campaign.

To get a real idea for what this fearsome combat class machine will bring to your gameplay, check out this deep dive blog.

Only the most courageous hunters dare take on the Fireclaw. 

Can you withstand its furious assault, or will its ferocity be too much for you to bear?