Horizon Forbidden West

Early Preview! Pledge Level, Unlocks & Exclusives | Horizon Forbidden West: Seeds of Rebellion

Want an early look at what you’ll get when you pledge for Horizon Forbidden West: Seeds of Rebellion?

Since we announced the Kickstarter, many of you have been keen to get a glimpse of what’s in store. So, we won’t keep you waiting any longer!

Keep reading to find:

  • An early preview of the Marshal Pledge
  • A hint at daily unlocks, Kickstarter exclusives, and upcoming reveals

Launching Tuesday 21 November at 6pm GMT, Seeds of Rebellion is a 1-4 player co-op board game that will take you on a journey through a majestic-yet-deadly frontier. If you want to learn more about the game, click here.

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Early Preview! Marshal Pledge

On November 21, the Seeds of Rebellion Kickstarter will launch with one pledge level: the Marshal Pledge. In this pledge, you’ll get the complete core experience.

That includes the chunky Seeds of Rebellion core box... 

...which includes two integrated Huge Machine expansions (Slitherfang and Tremortusk!)...

....plus the Kickstarter Exclusive Expansion box, shown below (which will include all the daily unlocks yet to be revealed) and the Kickstarter exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn Upgrade Pack*! We've packed a huge amount of content into this pledge for just $145 / £116**, which is a $90 discount on equivalent future retail pricing. 

*Previously a returning backer gift, we’ve decided to make the Horizon Zero Dawn Upgrade Pack free with the Marshal Pledge!

**These exchange rates are right at the time of posting, but may change a little by the time we launch.

Unlocking the Kickstarter Exclusive Expansion


If you’ve backed a Steamforged Kickstarter before, you know we like to keep some surprises up our sleeves.

So, even though all the content in the Kickstarter Exclusive Expansion is guaranteed, we won’t reveal everything right away. 

Instead, we’ll reveal the contents of the Kickstarter Exclusive Expansion through daily unlocks throughout the campaign. That way, you’ve got something to look forward to every day, and a reason to visit the campaign so we can chat with you in the comments. 

We’ll be hanging out on Kickstarter for most of the days (and a good chunk of the nights) during the campaign, so do drop in to say ‘hey!’. One or more of us is bound to be around! 

As for right now, you can head to our Discord to chat with us directly, including the game designers.

Will there be More Content?

Don’t want spoilers? Skip this section!

Still here? Okay…

If you want the complete core experience, you’ll get it with the Marshal Pledge. But that’s not all there is. 

During the Kickstarter, we’ll be revealing three optional gameplay add-ons that you can choose to add to your pledge. These add-ons are different to the daily unlocks, which are already included with every pledge. 

Each add-on will introduce exciting new gameplay to your Seeds of Rebellion campaigns, including new huge machines (!) and more. But that’s all we’ll say for now!

Horizon Zero Dawn Upgrade Pack

EDIT: We’ve decided to make the Kickstarter exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn Upgrade Pack free with the Marshal Pledge!

To thank all the awesome hunters who’ve made their way from the Sundom, across the Daunt, and into the Clan Lands, we’re adding a free gift for all returning backers!

If you completed a pledge for Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game (either on Kickstarter or a late pledge), you’ll automatically* get a free Horizon Zero Dawn Upgrade Pack with your Seeds of Rebellion Marshal Pledge.

This pack includes backwards compatible rules for all Horizon Zero Dawn board game miniatures. With it, you can bring your Horizon Zero Dawn minis into your Seeds of Rebellion campaigns!

Take on the mighty Apex Thunderjaw! Continue your Zero Dawn hunter’s journey as a Marshal in the Forbidden West! And more!

Not a returning backer? EDIT: Don’t worry. We’ve decided to make the Kickstarter exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn Upgrade Pack free with the Marshal Pledge!

Update on VAT

Please note that the price above doesn’t include VAT for the UK or European Union (EU) countries.

Due to the way VAT is collected in Europe, and its impact on crowdfunding sites in the EU, we can no longer set prices that aren’t VAT exclusive.

If you live in the UK or EU, then VAT will be calculated and charged in the pledge manager based on the total price of your pledge and your country’s VAT rate.

Will You Join us in the Forbidden West?

Horizon Forbidden West: Seeds of Rebellion launches Tuesday 21 November at 6pm GMT / 2pm ET / 11am PT.

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