Epic Encounters

GM’s Guide to Epic Encounters

Wondering how to use Epic Encounters in your next tabletop roleplaying campaign? Look no further!

In today’s quick guide, we’ll cover how you can use Epic Encounters to take your fantasy roleplaying games to the next level.

What Is Epic Encounters?

Epic Encounters are exactly that: readymade RPG encounters in a box.

They can be added in to your existing campaign, used to kick off a brand new campaign, played as one-shot adventures, or even combined!

Some sets are actually designed to link together. For example, Shrine of the Kobold Queen and Lair of the Red Dragon, which we’ll explore today.

Types of Epic Encounter

Epic Encounters sets come in two types: warband boxes and boss boxes.


Warband boxes are plot-driven adventures that include minions and a boss enemy. 

(There may be a lot of minions, but don’t expect a lot of repeat content. Shrine of the Kobold Queen and Hall of the Orc King both contain NINE unique sculpts.)



Boss boxes are standalone, set-piece encounters that make for a BIG cinematic finish. 

(BIG is right—the red dragon in Lair of the Red Dragon has a wingspan over 11 inches!)


What’s in the Box?

Whether a warband or a boss box, each set comes with everything you need to run an epic encounter: 

Miniatures, double-sided playmat, and tokens, PLUS a book that helps you turn the ordinary into the epic with plot hooks, rumours, locations, stat blocks, new creatures and behaviours, and awesome GM tactics to impose threat and increase tension. 

Now, let’s take a look at those books……

Epic Encounters: Shrine of the Kobold Queen

Mother Krangor and the Cult of the Bloody Flame are the subject of extensive rumours, discussed throughout the region as people try to discover the cause of the brutal kobold attacks. 

Your adventurers are here to stop the rise of a terrible new threat, prevent the destruction of hundreds of lives and homes, and stop the unleashing of a vast and horrifying draconic threat. 

In short, to do the things heroes are meant to do!

This book includes:

  • Adventure Overview - background information on the Fire Brand Kobolds and Mother Krangor’s ultimate goal, as well as rumours that your adventurers could learn

  • Hooks - seed these hooks into your storytelling to raise the stakes of the encounter and introduce some optional quests.

  • Details on Locations - expansive tables help keep you and your adventurers on their toes. What’s in this Kobold hut? More guards or perhaps a scared hatchling who’s willing to help? Or what about the prisoner pit? Is it empty, or has a ranger been captured who can give you advice?

  • Stat Blocks - easy to access and read creature stats, including some new creations!

  • New Creatures - Introduce the Ember Rage Fire Snake and the fearsome Magma Belcher Basilisk (and more) to your adventurers and watch them overcome new threats.



Epic Encounters: Lair of the Red Dragon

When played in sequence with Shrine of the Kobold Queen, the fight with the Red Dragon is the climactic battle and the encounter book provides you with everything to make it as memorable as possible.

The book includes:

  • Lore & Hooks - What do your adventurers know about Red Dragons, and why on earth would they go and try to kill one?!

  • Dragon Tactics - Don’t let the fight turn into a “countdown till breath weapon” affair. Use our GM Tips to turn the fight into the grand spectacle it is meant to be.

  • Tips for Using Terrain - Both Player Characters and the Red Dragon can make use of the terrain in the dragon’s lair (afterall, it chose to live there). Lava pools, stalagmites and piles of gold can all be used by the dragon and players to make the fight more dynamic.

  • New Dragon Abilities - Fighting a dragon in it’s lair is a brave/stupid thing to do. To represent this there are new abilities for the Red Dragon that take the encounter to the next level!

  • Cinematic Moments - Just because we’re in combat, doesn’t mean there isn’t time for storytelling. With these cinematic moments you’ll be able to inject some awe inspiring descriptions at pivotal moments in the battle.

  • Treasure - The only half-sensible reason for venturing into the cavern of a greedy red dragon is for the treasure you’ll find.

  • Stat Blocks - We’ve given you stat blocks for Young/Adult/Ancient red dragons so you can tailor the experience to your parties level, you’ll also get Fire Brand Kobold stats...in case some enter the encounter along the way.

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What are you waiting for?

Start your Epic Encounters collection today with Lair of the Red Dragon, and Shrine of the Kobold Queen.