Godtear Community Survey Results

Champions, you might remember we sent out a Godtear community survey before Christmas.

Thanks so much to everyone who filled it in! We got loads of great responses – with hundreds of you from across the community sending us your thoughts.

Our questions covered a wide variety of topics. But, overall, a few key messages shone through from your responses.

Our main takeaways are…

You Want to See Godtear Grow

The more we analysed your responses, the more it was clear they were underpinned by this core sentiment.

You told us you want more support from us, and a clear commitment to grow the game. We picked out these quotes which pretty much sum it up:

  • “I want to see Godtear grow and do really well with the audience. It deserves to be a huge success.”
  • “I love the game and wish it was more popular!”

The first thing to say – that’s great! We love Godtear, too. And we absolutely want to see it grow.

Your survey responses have already been factored into our plans for Godtear’s future. We’ve got a TONNE of exciting stuff to talk to you about in the coming months.

You’re Interested in Organised Play

One area you’re interested in is organised and competitive play.

This really stood out from your responses:

  • Nearly half of you play with groups of four or more players. Considering Godtear was designed with two players in mind, that’s pretty striking.
  • Again, nearly half of you are planning to attend a tabletop gaming event like GenCon, UKGE, or Adepticon this year. (And if you’re at Adepticon, you’re in luck! Godtear’s got plenty going on there. Sign up to our limited space events now, so you don’t miss out!)
  • Over a third of you consider yourselves ‘tabletop wargamers’ (as opposed to board gamers or otherwise). Wargamers are probably very familiar with organised and competitive play.
How many people to do you play with?

These three stats suggest a lot of you are keen to attend organised Godtear sessions (such as tournaments) with other like-minded players. There’s a strong interest there. Plenty of you are playing Godtear at events already!

A focus on more organised play is a great opportunity for Godtear to grow. It’ll help existing players – you – enjoy Godtear in a new and exciting way. 

And – with more Godtear live at shows, tournaments, and other events – it’s a great way to introduce our game to new players.

It’s important to mention we don’t want this to be a barrier to less experienced players. These events should be accessible for everyone to be able to come to an event and take part in some way.

That leads us nicely onto the next point.

You Want Godtear to be Accessible

This is already really important to us. It’s not just Godtear – we want all our games to be accessible for players of all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels.

When given the chance to share your views outside of specific questions, many of you mentioned wanting us to improve accessibility to attract more players. You also asked for more gameplay support.

Something that especially stood out was how many of you mentioned – unprompted – playing Godtear with younger members of the family. Many of you use Godtear as a gateway to the tabletop world. This is something we’ll definitely bear in mind when creating content in the future.

On that note – an area for potential improvement is in resources available for players. When asked what sort of content you want to see from us:

  • A quarter asked for more lore
  • A quarter asked for more content focussed on tactics
  • A third wanted to see more videos – either of playthroughs or painting the minis
What type of content should SFG create to help empower, encourage and grow the community? What do you want to see from us?

Now, a lot of that might be geared towards experienced players – those wanting to immerse themselves in the Godtear universe or discover new ways to play.

We think there’s also room for more content to help onboard new players and help existing players get the most out of the game – and this is something many of you asked for, too.

Again, this is an area we’ll devote our attention to in the coming months. Accessibility is absolutely key to growing a game.

Final Thoughts

For you, Godtear is about:

  • Collaboration
  • Sharing experiences
  • Fun!
  • Painting
  • Tactics
  • Therapy
  • Helping build out life skills

You want:

  • Godtear to grow
  • More champions (reminder: we recently announced Fenra!)
  • Lore (on champions and the wider Godtear world)
  • New scenarios
  • Better accessibility
  • A clear commitment from us to grow the game
  • Gameplay support

We’ve heard you loud and clear – and, like you, we love Godtear and want to see it grow.

We have big plans to take Godtear to the next level in 2023 and beyond – and that’s something you’ll hear about soon.

Thanks again to everyone who filled in the survey. And thanks – from everyone at Steamforged Games – for your continued love and support for Godtear. It means the world to us.

We hope to see you at AdeptiCon 2023! Stay glued to our socials over the coming weeks for more news and updates.