Godtear Creator Clash Round-up: Best Painted Miniatures

A couple of weeks ago, we got eight awesome influencers from the tabletop world to battle it out in pursuit of glory, godhood, and a huge, metal championship belt for the Godtear Creator Clash!

Did you miss it? Read about how the battles went down in Part 1, or watch them on Hellstorm Wargaming’s awesome YouTube channel!

As well as prizes for their performance on the battlefield, our contestants were competing for a similarly-coveted award: Best Painted Miniatures!

The standard of painting was, for the most part (two contestants, who shall remain nameless, *cough* Hellstorm Wargaming’s Elliot and Discourse Miniatures *cough* turned up with unpainted minis… The shame!), pretty incredible.

But one contestant pulled away from the crowd with his jaw-dropping paints: give it up for Quipster Nerd! 🎉

Let’s take a look at the designs that blew our judges away:

Shayle and Landslide are really rocking (sorry) this turquoise-tinged look!

Lorsann and her Mistwood Rangers are looking resplendent in this autumnal range! Take a bow (no, not that kind of bow…)

Green is obviously your colour, Styx! Looking positively beastly (in a good way).

Last but not least, we’ve got Finvarr and the Shadow Sentinels in this dashing navy blue ensemble!

Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments.

Oh and, if you’re interested in Godtear – our fantastic factionless miniatures skirmish game – check it out on our website.

Until next time, champions!