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Jyuratodus | Journal #21 | Monster Hunter World: The Board Game

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Now, let's dive in with our next Wildspire Waste monster...


Like Barroth and Pukei-Pukei, you'll find this Extra Large monster (on its 100mm base) in the Wildspire Waste core set, which is included in the Core and All-In Pledge.


From the journal of Jamie Perkins, Lead Developer

If you thought Barroth was bad, wait ‘til you see what it has turf wars with. 

Cue the eerie shark attack soundtrack because Jyuratodus is on the hunt!


Jyuratodus is a large piscine wyvern that inhabits the swamps of the Wildspire Waste. Highly territorial, it uses mud to capture prey. 

Will you venture into the water again?

Let’s find out...


One of the more unusual monsters in the New World, Jyuratodus knows just how to use its size and habitat to its advantage.

This monster is at home in wasteland, hiding below the surface and trapping unsuspecting prey with flying globs of mud. 


When it comes to danger, Jyuratados is about as tough as Anjanath from the Ancient Forest.

With 65 health and decent armour on almost every part of its body, statistically speaking, this monster will cause you some problems. If you’ve got 99, Jyuratados will be at least one of them.  

And that’s before we’ve looked at its special rule, Mire Dweller. Like Barroth, Jyuratodus is fond of using ponds to its advantage — in this case, to make it tougher for you to dodge its attacks. 

And this is just the assigned quest (1-star) Jyuratodus. 

Not only do the 2 and 3-star versions hit harder but ponds also give them bonus armour. Talk about terrain advantage!

(For a reminder on quest types, check out the Barroth journal entry.)


Perhaps unsurprisingly given its habitat and tendency to weaponise mud, Jyuratodus has a lot of water attacks that deal elemental damage, which tend to originate from its head and its fins.

Take cover when you see Jyuratodus gearing up for Mud Bomb:


Mud Bomb might only target one node, but it can reach its target up to 3 nodes away — and that’s AFTER it moves 2 nodes in that direction. 

Not only does it do 6 damage, it does 6 elemental damage. If you’re not packing water elemental resistance at this point, you’re going to have a tough time.

At dodge 5, it’s also one of the more difficult monster behaviours to avoid.

And to make matters worse, the two hunters that take a turn after Mud Bomb only get to play a single attack each!

Next up, we have one of Jyuratodus’ few tail attacks. Because there aren’t many in the deck, when you see one, there’s a good chance it’ll be Dive Smash:


Like Mud Bomb, Dive Smash targets the furthest hunter. 

It might only be range 1 but determined Jyuratados makes it count. This wyvern will swim 4 nodes across the board to catch its prey, hitting out in all directions once it arrives.

At 7 damage with 5 dodge, it really puts the ‘smash’ in Dive Smash — and it’ll stun anyone it hits, too!

On the plus side, Jyuratados must need to catch its breath after such a heavy attack, because three hunters will get the chance to play three attacks each in the aftermath. 

If you didn’t faint, now’s a good time to hit back.

To round off this watery encounter, immerse yourself in Submerge Attack:


This time, Jyuratados will use its fin to...submerge you in a tidal wave of swamp ooze.


Lucky for you, Submerge Attack is a track token behaviour, which means it’ll only appear if you’ve found a certain number of tracks in the gathering phase

If this behaviour does pop up, Jyuratados will attack in all directions at range 3, so there’s a good chance it’ll hit everyone in your party at once.

Of course, Submerge Attack may mean you’ve got Jyuratados feeling threatened. After, unleashing its tidal wave of ooze, the monster will retreat 3 nodes from the nearest hunter. 

~ Journal Ends ~

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