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Did you hear? 

On October 1, Wizards of the Coast published an update to the Sage Advice compendium.

And why is that relevant to Epic Encounters?

Because, dear reader, that update (finally!) removes the ability score penalty to intelligence for Orc player characters, and ability score penalty to strength for Kobold player characters—and the Epic Encounters range just so happens to include some awesome Kobold and Orc minis!

So, to celebrate, we thought we’d roll up some new player characters using the Epic Encounters minis...

Kobold Player Characters

By Jamie Giblin, Community Manager


I’m currently playing in a Dungeon of the Mad Mage campaign and things are looking pretty ropey for our party, so I need to roll up a second character (you know, just in case).

I’ve always been intrigued by Kobolds and when I saw the minis in Shrine of the Kobold Queen, one immediately jumped out to me as a perfect player character. The Priest of the Bloody Flame would make an excellent Kobold Cleric.

This miniature plays a similar role in the Shrine of the Kobold Queen, though it comes with a few more fire based spells...and we’ll leave it at that, in case you’re planning on playing soon.


I chose to go with the Life Domain so I can act as our group’s healer, whilst the Spiritual Weapon (in the shape of a Dragon’s Tooth, obviously) can help the frontline. And with the Inspiring Leader Feat, Tik-Tak can help bump up the hit points of the party. 

With the GM’s agreement, we came up with a magical item to represent the Holy Symbol Tik-Tak carries: The Unburnt Torch. 

 You can see Tik-Tak’s Character Sheet and Magical Item here.


With the compendium update removing the negative strength modifier for Kobolds, it’s the perfect time to roll up a Kobold Fighter. 

The Fire Brand Kobold Champion is the obvious choice for this. The miniature gives off serious Gladiator vibes, as if it’s screaming “Are you not entertained?” after dispatching another contender.


We went with the Champion subclass to grab the Improved Critical feature, befitting of one who has spent their time learning to please the crowd with deft strikes. 

Fortunately, Gladiator exists as a background option, and we took the proficiency in Performance to give our Russel-Crowe-aspirant Kobold the best chance of winning the crowd to their favour. 

Finally, for our 4th level Feat, we decided to go with Lucky. After all, it takes more than just skill with a blade to survive for years as a gladiator before taking up a life of adventuring!


These Fire Brand Assassins are no pushovers in the Shrine of the Kobold Queen, and the Kobolds’ natural +2 to Dexterity sets them up as excellent Rogues.


We took proficiency in Stealth (duh), Deception, Athletics and Acrobatics and Expertise in Stealth and Thieves Tools. 

We wanted to go full-on Assassin’s Creed with this Kobold, so we obviously went for the Assassin Roguish Archetype. As we’re only 4th level we don’t have access to a whole lot just yet, but seeing as we’re really pushing the assassin schtick we’ve picked the Alert feat. 

With the +5 to Initiative, we’ll be looking to get the drop on unexpecting enemies with Assassinate giving us advantage on attacks against creatures who don’t have a turn yet. Altaïr, eat your heart out!

Share Your Kobold Character Designs

So, what did you think of our Kobold player characters?

Why not check out the rest of the minis in the Shire of the Kobold Queen and have a go at making your own?

We’d love to see them if you do, so don’t forget to share on Twitter with #EpicEncounters and tag @SteamforgedLtd.