Rivet Wars

Mechs, Machines & Plugs! Rivet Wars: Reloaded

"They may outnumber us, but have faith, my warriors. Your training and superior technology will see us the victors this day."

Commander Athena

Rivet Wars: Reloaded Kickstarter is parachuting into action on September 6! Follow the page now for an express telegram when the campaign deploys.

We’ve already briefed you on what Rivet Wars: Reloaded is. If you need a reminder you can find all the information here. Also don't miss out on the Basic Training blog!

Today, we’ll be briefing you on the tanks and mechs you can expect to see in the field. Not only that, but the upgrades those armoured units can take in the form of hero and turret plugs!

Allied Mechs & Plug

In the world of Rivet, war is waged with diesel powered war machines from walking tanks to tracked monocycles and everything in between.

These armoured units will usually enter the fray after your initial skirmishes with infantry and cavalry have engaged the enemy. This is mostly because your armour units are few in numbers and expensive to replace, so you need to ensure they’re deployed where they’re needed most!

Let me introduce you to the MT-1 Ostrich.

Rivet Wars: Reloaded Tank

A workhorse of the Allied forces, the MT-1 Ostrich is a frontline mechanised armoured combat vehicle, or mech for short. Equipped with both anti infantry and anti-armour weaponry, the MT-1 Ostrich can form the backbone of any Allied offensive.

One of the key ways to upgrade your MT-1 Ostrich’s capabilities further is to attach a plug to its top hatch.

Two of the key options for this are the Hacksaw Turret plug or General Patston as a hero plug. Both offering very different but powerful upgrades.

Rivet Wars: Reloaded Plugs

The Hacksaw Turret is a non-hero plug. This means it can be deployed again and again unlike heroes who can’t return to the battlefield once destroyed.

Rivet Wars: Reloaded Plug Card

The Hacksaw Turret is extra firepower, pure and simple. Useful against infantry and medium to lightly armoured vehicles, the Hacksaw Turret adds a whole extra attack to any mech it’s plugged into.

Rivet Wars: Reloaded Patson card

General Patston offers a very different upgrade. While he doesn’t give the mech he’s plugged into an extra attack in a conventional sense, he does grant it a number of special rules.

Firstly, he increases the speed of the mech he’s plugged into by 1, permanently! Secondly he gives the mech Tank Shock (1) which means the mech is now capable of crushing enemy infantry under its titanic steps. Better still, if the mech already has Tank Shock, General Patston increases the number of dice the mech rolls when using Tank Shock by 1.

With the General Patston hero plug, you have a fast moving mech capable of charging headlong into enemy infantry, dooming those in your path!

Nemoan Mechs & Plugs

We’ve been watching the speculation about the new Nemoan faction. One particular question that keeps rising to the surface is “do the Nemoans have plugs like the Allies and the Blight?”. We can categorically answer this question with a YES!

Remember the Helios Air Mech from the comic panel we showed a few weeks ago?

Rivet Wars: Reloaded Nemoan Mech

The pilot in the Helios Air Mech is actually one of a number of different plug options!

Commander Athena and the Helios Pilot.

Rivet Wars: Reloaded Nemoan Plug

The Helios Pilot is a non-hero plug. They’re a little cheaper in deployment points than most plugs too!

Rivet Wars: Reloaded Helios Card

Bringing a more focussed offense against enemy aircraft, the Helios Pilot is a crack shot against airborne foes.

Let’s take a look at the special ability Commander Athena brings to the party.

Rivet Wars: Reloaded Athena Card

A close range specialist, a mech with Commander Athena at the controls rolls a whole extra die on EVERY attack against enemies at range 1.

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