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Arralus Thistlefay (He/Him) & Rubru (He/Him)

Bravery is only possible when you know it is impossible. 

Rubru was the master of six trees, the keeper of the harvest, and defender of the hedgehog coven that had nested in the bramble tree. He was also, as others insisted on calling him, a squirrel. 

The winters of the forest were getting longer, and the food increasingly scarce. His face covered in the sacred war paint of the forest, Rubru heard a disturbance. Investigating, Rubru found a peculiar sight. A humanoid was facing down a particularly blood-hungry hippogriff. Without his help, this humanoid was going to be dinner. Rubru charged the hippogriff, leaping from the tallest branch of a nearby tree. The beast, confused by the appearance of a squirrel clad in shining plate with green war paint, hesitated, momentarily dumbfounded (who could blame it). 

The humanoid, a half-elf called Arralus, charged forward and, instead of landing a blow, pulled a poisoned dart from the hippogriff’s leg. The hippogriff shrieked. Rubru, meanwhile, had landed on its beak and begun listing his titles, commanding the creature to obey him. 

‘I am guardian of the coven and shall be obeyed. Those who do not observe the rules of nature are but beasts!’ 

As removing the dart quelled the hippogriff’s pain, the creature simply shook off Rubru, whom Arralus managed to catch by the glinting plates of the squirrel’s armour. ‘Well, this is undignified,’ Rubru muttered, hanging from the scruff of his armour’s neck. As Rubru and Arralus studied each other, they noticed a small green light glimmering from behind a rock, finding a curiously strange badge with a single word emblazoned on it, ‘Cunning’.

Rubru learned that Arralus was an apprentice tracker trying to herd creatures away from the hunting grounds of the nearby city. The two discussed which one the badge was meant for, travelling to the Academy to answer the query. To their surprise, the solution was ‘both of you’. Carving his own badge into a small shield, Rubru continues to impart his wisdom to his new friend Arralus. 

While at the Academy, Arralus is inseparable from Rubru. Always the first to volunteer or sign up for expeditions outside the Academy, Rubru’s serious nature and tendency to pledge life and paw to new friends takes some getting used to. 

Sneak Peek at the Mini

We want to show you these minis the best they can be. So we reached out to our good friend Electric Eve, and they smashed it out of the park!

Keep an eye out in future blogs for more painted minis!

Our Ranger miniature can be found in the Cunning & Divine set HERE.