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Need GM Inspiration? Watch Good Time Society Play Epic Encounters!

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If you haven’t got on the Epic Encounters train yet, what’re you waiting for?

These RPG sets are a bit like a meal kit… But instead of tasty food, you get something much more mouth-watering: an awesome roleplaying adventure!

We provide all the ingredients: up to 20 detailed minis (or a single, massive one in the boss boxes!), an adventure book, a double-sided game mat, and tips and tricks for building excitement and suspense. All you need is pots and pans (well, erm, a 5e rulebook) and a light seasoning of imagination!

Check out Lair of the Red Dragon (boss box) and Shrine of the Kobold Queen (warband box) to give you an idea of what we’re talking about.

Lair of the Red Dragon Game Spill

These sets can be run as thrilling one-shot adventures (confronting a fearsome Red Dragon or a motley crew of Kobolds, respectively). Or you can put these compatible boss and warband boxes together for a cinematic adventure of Epic proportions!

Oh, and that leads us nicely onto this cool news:

Good Time Society plays Epic Encounters!

To give you an idea of how awesome these adventures are, we’ve partnered with professional roleplayers Good Time Society with Becca Scott!

Tune in every Wednesday at 12pm PST to watch an awesome Epic Encounters campaign (based around the Lair of the Red Dragon and Shrine of the Kobold Queen sets) unfold over on their Twitch.

If you’re not yet convinced about how good these sets are (and they really are fantastic – you don’t need to take our word for it!), or if you need inspiration for your campaigns, make sure to check them out!

The first couple of episodes have already aired, but if you missed them, you can catch up on their madcap adventures on YouTube… Phew!

Here’s the first episode for your viewing pleasure:

Heroes of Hova at the Nodding Dragon | Epic Encounters: Local Legends | DnD 5e Actual Play

Discover unforgettable tavern-based campaigns with Local Legends

“Wait, what’s The Nodding Dragon? That sounds cool!”

You’re absolutely right it does.

We’ve actually just run a Kickstarter campaign for our tavern-based spinoff to Epic Encounters, called Local Legends! The Nodding Dragon is one of 10 5e-compatible taverns from that set.

But don’t worry – although the Kickstarter campaign has finished, you can still late pledge for a limited time to get your hands on ALL the amazing rewards from the campaign, including several Kickstarter-exclusive boss minis!

Meet the cast for this Epic Encounters mini-series!

Anyway, back to the Good Time Society campaign. Let’s meet the cast and their characters!

Here’s the humble adventuring party from the even humbler village of Terrahova:

Becca Scott, GM

First of all, you’ve got the gamemaster: Becca Scott. Becca’s an actor, and professional tabletop enthusiast. She is the co-owner of Good Time Society, a multi-platform channel focused on inclusion, comedy, and bringing joy to the gaming community. She is best known as a host for Magic: The Gathering, D&D Live, as Sophie Gray on South Park S23, Penny Luckstone on Dimension20’s “The Seven”, The Glass Cannon Podcast Network, Stream of Blood, Vampire the Masquerade: LA by Night, Geek & Sundry, Nerdist, and as a frequent guest on Dropout.tv. Find more at becca.pizza (really). Find her on socials at @thebeccascott

Evanora, the noble fairy paladin ready for a scuffle (Saige Ryan).

Evanora (Saige Ryan), Fairy Paladin

Saige is a host, streamer and TTRPG content creator best known from Smosh, PixelCircus or her own Twitch channel. Find her on socials at @notsaige

Basil, the studious Dragonborn Warlock evangelizing for the Great Old One

Basil (Michelle Nguyen Bradley), Dragonborn Warlock


Michelle is a show host, voice actor, producer, and professional TTRPG player who's played on networks like Critical Role, Roll20, DnDBeyond and HyperRPG and currently appears as a regular cast member for Idle Champions, Paizo and Hunters Entertainment's weekly shows on Twitch. Michelle has also done geek content like MCing on Anime Expo's Main Stage, producing and hosting the Manga Book Club for Viz Media and "Button Mash" on the Total Nerd Network, and more! Find her on socials at @iamchubbybunny

Suam, the Orc Artificer/Alchemist with a penchant for baking and a heart of gold (Vince Caso).

Suam (Vince Caso), Orc Artificer/Alchemist

Vince is a Los Angeles-based actor, writer, and tabletop roleplayer known for Felicia Day's "The Guild", Legendary Digital Networks' "We're Alive: Frontier", Paradox Interactive's "LA By Night", and as the DM of PixelCircus' TTRPG comedy series "Failed Save". Find him on socials at @vincecaso

Tap Toe, the rogue gnome surfer bro always ready to improvise a weapon or t-shirt slogan (Carlos Luna).

Tap Toe (Carlos Luna), Gnome Surfer Bro

Carlos is a Producer and Creative Director specializing in content marketing. When he’s not producing videos for gaming companies like Hasbro and Roll20, you can see him performing all over the interwebs on shows like Dimension 20, Rivals of Waterdeep, and Good Time Society. Carlos just started reading the comic 'Paper Girls' in anticipation of the new tv series dropping on Amazon Prime and hopes the show lives up to the hype. Find him on socials at @carloscrits.

This ragtag team of Hova's Heroes is not afraid to fight kobolds, dragons, or investigate mysteries in the woods outside The Nodding Dragon inn.

Anyway, once you’ve seen how much fun they’re having with Lair of the Red Dragon, Shrine of the Kobold Queen, and Local Legends, and gathered plenty of ideas for your own campaigns, check out the full Epic Encounters range on our webstore.

Say no to average adventures! Epic Encounters await.