New Godtear Campaign Kit! Winter’s Reckoning

If you’re a retailer who wants to order Winter’s Reckoning for your store, contact your Steamforged rep or jo@steamforged.com. If you’re a player who’d love to give Winter’s Reckoning a go, let your local gaming store know!

The leaves whisper gently in the wind as you step out into the golden sunlight of the Eternal Glade. It’s beautiful, as always.

But something feels different. Tendrils of frost spiral round the tree trunks. The ponds are all frozen solid. You’re shivering, in spite of the sun’s rays and your fur-hemmed cloak.

What is Winter’s Reckoning?

Winter’s Reckoning is a brand new campaign kit for Godtear, the hex-based miniatures game of godlike battles.


In the campaign, an unnatural winter is creeping over the lush and verdant Eternal Glade. Up to 8 players will play through four Godtear battles as they fight to decide the fate of the forest!


Of course, a champion’s main aim is always to gain power in their ultimate quest for godhood. As you battle, you’ll scour the Glade for godtears, empowering yourself with these sacred stones to become stronger than ever before…

With new scenario rules, over 200 cards (including cards for every champion in the game up to Skullbreaker), plus exclusive tokens, dashboards, stickers, and more, the Winter’s Reckoning Campaign Kit is packed with Godtear goodness and sure to pave the way to epic winter campaigns!

How Will Winter’s Reckoning Work?

Although there’s a competitive side to the Winter’s Reckoning campaign, it’s also a great opportunity to weave your own narratives and really immerse yourself in Godtear’s rich locations and scenarios.

The campaign is a thematic backdrop, giving you the freedom to create your own wintry legends in the Godtear universe. Stories of your mighty deeds will echo through the ages!

To help you create these memorable campaigns, we’ve made the Winter’s Reckoning Campaign Kit.

What’s Inside the Winter’s Reckoning Campaign Kit?

Inside you’ll find new scenario rules and new / updated upgrade cards for every Godtear champion up to and including Skullbreaker*.

How do the campaign cards work? Well, any godtears you find during the campaign can be used to level up your champions. So, even if you lose your games, your champions can still gain power as your campaign goes on.

You’ll also get your hands on some gruesome blood-spatter sticker packs. When your champions are defeated — no doubt in a heroic last stand — you’ll place these on th​​e included, location-specific battlemats to mark where they fell.

*Winter’s Reckoning cards for Jaak and Lily will be available to download from the Steamforged site.


Bloody battlefields will build up over time, to tell the tale of your triumphant victories and dramatic defeats! All this will create a real sense of progression and narrative throughout your campaigns.


You’ll also get double-sided acrylic tokens to mark your champions’ boons and blights. There’s enough in the kit for every player to get two tokens each. Play multiple campaigns to get a full set!

Here’s a list of what’s inside each kit:

  • New scenario rules
  • 176 Champion upgrade cards
  • 8 Double-sided dashboards featuring Winter’s Reckoning and Skullbreaker art
  • 32 Chapter cards
  • 9 Ending cards
  • 4 Battlefield mats
  • 4 Blood splatter sticker pats
  • 8 pairs of red acrylic boon and blight tokens


Winter approaches, Champion. Only one question remains: Are you worthy?

How to Get the Campaign Kit

  • If you’re a retailer interested in Winter’s Reckoning for your store, get in touch with your Steamforged rep or contact jo@steamforged.com.
  • If you’re a player and Winter’s Reckoning sounds like your cup of (iced) tea, let your local gaming store know!
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 Once you’ve played the Winter’s Reckoning campaign, or if you’re planning a Winter’s Reckoning event, we’d love to hear about it. Tell us about it using #Godtear on Twitter or in the Godtear Facebook group!