Out Now! Kailinn, Fury of the Forest | Godtear

In the yellow corner, we’ve got the swift centaur, the whirling dervish of a Maelstrom champion:

Kailinn, Fury of the Forest has cantered her way into the Steamforged store!

Imbued with the wild rage of nature, Kailinn bears little resemblance to the demure acolyte she once was. Now, she forges a path through any who stand in her way. And she’s set her sights on a new goal: Absorbing power from godtears with the help of her faithful followers.

Her followers are a pair of Virtues who pledged to accompany her on this quest. These druid warriors of her order protect and guide their tragic sister on her path to godhood.

Today, we’re going to be taking a look at what she and her faithful followers bring to your Godtear battles:

Kailinn’s Abilities

Followers, watch out! Kailinn is a Maelstrom champion, meaning she excels at taking you down. She even gets a bonus for doing so!

Kailinn also has the highest speed in the game. Yep, you heard right the Fury of the Forest is no slouch! She can charge across the battlefield, taking out followers with ease.

But there’s a downside: Kailinn can’t enter objective hexes. That means she also can’t crush enemy banners. She’s going to have to take out a lot of followers to compensate.

Luckily, that won't be a problem. For starters, Kailinn’s ‘Powerful Leap’ skill means you can jump her within 2 hexes of her current location. 

She can also move through small followers and push them out of hexes. No one and nothing’s gonna be getting in her way!

In the Clash phase, Kailinn has three objectives: Attack, attack, attack. All her abilities, including the bonus action, are focused on dealing damage.

And her Ultimate ability, ‘Impaling Horn’, can knock out enemy followers regardless of how much health they have. So, even the biggest and baddest followers need to watch out!

Kailinn’s Followers - The Virtues

Kailinn’s druidic disciples, the Virtues, count as large followers. They’re lightning fast, with 4 movement speed in the Plot phase and 2 in the Clash phase!

The most exciting thing about the Virtues, though, is their unique ‘Harmonious’ trait. This means  both followers use each skill, instead of just one of them. So, when the Virtues use their ‘Justice’ skill, both get to attack!

This opens up a lot of flexibility for the Virtues. They’re certainly not to be messed with!

Kailinn, Fury of the Forest, is now available on the Steamforged store!

Unleash the fury with Kailinn’s set, including a Kailinn mini, 2 Virtue minis, Kailinn’s banner, and everything else you need to add the Fury of the Forest to your next Godtear battle!